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ADHD Diagnosis is Making Drug Companies Billions
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One of my projects is to get people to start herb gardens as in the old days of this country. It is important to incorporate medicinal herbs into your herb garden for the sake of you and your family. We have just moved to a house with a few acres to grow on with a creek running through it. An oasis of peace . It will be an exciting year of growth.

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ADHD Diagnosis is Making Drug Companies Billions
Sep 19, 2016

ADHD Diagnosis is Making Drug Companies Billions
The System that Makes Children into Psychiatric Cases

This article was first published in Yahoo Writiers Forum which was shut down in 2014. We were given back rights to our articles at that point. I am republishing it today here in this directory. All rights to this article are copyrighted. No one has permission to use any part of this article for any reason.

I have written two articles on the serious side effects associated with ADHD prescription drugs. These drugs can cause liver toxicity, heart problems, heart failure resulting in death, and psychiatric problems including suicide. There are alternative therapies that have been shown to work on children and adults with ADHD and ADD. These therapies are not a simple fix like a pill but they get to the base cause of the child's problems. They require patience, time, and some direction because each child is different. Your child will be a well child not a drug controlled child whose liver function and mental function is put at risk.

The ADHD diagnosis had been created to achieve one purpose- drug sales and profit!
It is felt by many doctors such as Fred A. Baughman Jr., M.D., a neurologist and lecturer with 35 years of experience, that the ADHD diagnosis has been created to bolster drug sales. The diagnosis of ADHD has skyrocketed in the past few years. We have more children on Schedule II Controlled drugs like Ritalin, Adderall, and Strattera than any other country in the world. Our schools get paid more when students are diagnosed with ADHD. Teachers bully parents into putting their child on the drugs or be turned into child protective agencies. Welfare gives parents in some states as much as $400 stipend per month when their child is diagnosed with ADHD. They say follow the money to find the reasons and it easy to follow the money here. These drugs bring in billions of dollars to the drug companies who manufacture the drug, the pharmacies, the doctors, and schools who push the diagnosis and the drugs.

Tests Slanted To Support ADHD Diagnosis
The test given to these children, according to Dr. Baughman, is directed to verify the diagnosis of ADHD. The test is slanted with questions that most parents would have to agree to. Does your child fidget? This is one of the questions to identify ADHD. Do they sometimes talk out of turn? Do they have problems with focus? All children at some points in their lives are difficult and parenting is never easy.

How did our children survive without ADHD drugs for generations?
How did our generation grow up, get jobs and careers, and become successful without ADHD medicines?

Many children who were extremely hard to discipline when they were little or pre-teens have turned out to be some of the brightest, most successful adults in the job market. My children were not easy. We got through those years without putting our children on drugs. We used therapies that addressed the real reason the child was having a problem.

All three of my normal, successful kids would have been forced onto these drugs given today's criteria. Two of them had learning problems that with proper visual therapy did great afterward. My son is an engineer now but in second grade he had problems with focus, memory, and not minding. He had a vision problem that needed therapy but not drug therapy. My youngest daughter also needed some therapy for auditory perception problems because she got oral directions wrong. With proper therapy by a vision therapist, she did well after that. It did cost more money and more time than a simple pill. I had to fight the school system and then ended up paying for private vision therapists to come up with the right diagnosis for my children. I was also bullied by the school system but I did not back down. This pressure by the school system was going on twenty years ago. I home schooled the youngest one for some of the time and paid for small, private Christian classes as well. Some children do not learn by the teachers and systems taught in the traditional school system. They may be too bright for the programs or may have learning problems that have not been addressed.

Diet, food additives, heavy metal toxicity, too little exercise, too much television, divorce, families in turmoil, abuse, and numerous learning problems that need therapy but not drugs are the reasons for most of the children being placed on dangerous, Schedule II psychiatric medicines such as Adderall and Ritalin. These children labeled with mislabeled psychiatric diagnosis will have trouble later with health insurance, job applications, and rejection by the military. We know a young man on Prozac who was rejected by the service because of Prozac. The service does not want men who must depend of psychiatric medicines to cope with life. They feel they are unstable in wartime conditions. This is the future of these young people forced to take medications.

You need to visit this page to read the stories of children dead from ADHD drugs. One young woman committed suicide within three months on being prescribed the drug. Another young man, only 12 years old committed suicide. Many died from sudden heart failure. Some have died because the drug was not excreted properly by the kidneys and the toxicity killed them. These are beautiful children now dead.

You must have courage to stand up to the school system and authorities that are pushing you to put your child on drugs. You must have the courage to seek out the real reason your child is having problems. My next article will address the natural therapies for ADHD that don't involve dangerous drugs. Please explore the links below to learn the truth before it is too late for your child.




Published by Kate Freer, Master Herbalist, Medical Researcher, and Freelance writer.

We do not sell products at this point, education is our focus, so that you will have the information to make an informed buying decision about Moringa products.

Copyright: Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin All rights are protected on this article. You do not have permission to use this article or its contents without my express permission. (Growing and Using Moringa and Healing Herbs Blog) ( Alternative Medicine in the News Blog)

Disclaimer: The FDA and AMA have not approved the contents of this article. This article is for education only. It is not meant to be used to prevent, treat, or prescribe for any illness. Get the permission from your doctor for any supplement that you take. There are interactions between herbs and drugs so be aware of that.

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