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Alternative Business Solutions to Protect Your Website and Domains from Suppression
EPIK hosts all my websites and domains. Award winning service for hosting your website and domains. Customer service is Excellent! They are a champion for free speech, conservative view, alternative medicine and protection against the suppression going on right now with other hosting companies! Move your hosting to EPIK NOW! Take Control of Your Domain Names
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I am a Master Herbalist, Health Coach and Freelance writer. My husband and I live in beautiful Indian Mound, TN. Moringa and Healing Herbs is also located here now.

Writing has been a passion since childhood. My path into herbal medicine came later in life. Both passions have now blended into my life and work. . It is a honor to be able to share my knowledge and experience with readers here.

One of my projects is to get people to start herb gardens as in the old days of this country. It is important to incorporate medicinal herbs into your herb garden for the sake of you and your family. We have just moved to a house with a few acres to grow on with a creek running through it. An oasis of peace . It will be an exciting year of growth.

Dominion Herbal College, Canada; Master Herbalist; Studied under Keith Smith, Master Herbalist, under the late Bernard Jensen, and the late Dr. Christopher.

Visit my Growing and Using Moringa and Healing Herbs Bog below

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Alternative Business Solutions to Protect Your Website and Domains from Suppression
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Alternative Business Solutions to Protect Your Website and Domains from Suppression
Jan 22, 2021 (Edited Jan 23, 2021)

How Do We Protect Our Alternative Medicine and Conservative Website Businesses with the Current Media Suppression Going on?

Those of us who voted for freedom of speech and values such as God, Faith and Family are in for quite a suppressive next 4 years or more.

All of us have in our power to do little steps to fight back no matter how small we are. In this section I will be addressing some of these business steps in the next few weeks.

It is important we do whatever we can to be a part of saving our country and free speech. All of us should have the right to express our thoughts and views openly without fear of retaliation and vengeance from others. We should not be singled out and destroyed because we voted differently than someone else.

We should not have our business destroyed because of our political, religious, or alternative medicine views. We should not be silenced because we believe in alternative medicine and herbs instead of standard medicine. We deserve to have a choice on our health care including vaccines. It is not right to force any medical procedure or therapy on any one. It is our choice. That is not is what is happening right now. It is going to get worse this year and in the coming years.

Today I am going to address how to safeguard our alternative medicine websites from being attacked and shut down from the powers that be. If Dr. Mercola and Mike Adams can be shut down from twitter, Facebook, media and their own hosting company than we need to secure our own alternative websites before we are shut down.

It is much harder to regroup if you are suddenly shut down without notice. You may lose files, videos, and your customer base all in one shot without notice. It is happening to businesses every where right now. You may be small like I am but big brother will be after us all before its through.

Alternative Business Solutions For Survival of These Suppressive Times

So Step #1 is to move your websites and domains to somewhere safe from suppression.

Is there a safe place for your alternative medicine or conservative websites?

I have found one. I did have my website hosting at Inmotion Hosting until this week. They gave me excellent service but that does not mean they would not shut me down if pressured too. Your web host probably would not think twice either about shutting your business down either.

I investigated last week, a full service hosting and domain company called EPIK. You can visit them here.....

I heard about it from GAB because they host GAB. GAB is the new platform for freedom of speech, an alternative to Twitter who is now a dictator of suppression. I called EPIK and got the opportunity to talk to Rob the CEO twice. I was impressed with the time he gave me on the phone despite be being a potential small account. He talked to me and made me feel as important as his large accounts. I was not talked down to but treated as someone who was worth listening to. He encouraged me that what ever I do, as small as it may seem, is important and to keep fighting. I was impressed with this man. I had been feeling depressed about what is now taking place. Why should I work on my websites and articles when your hosting company could just turn off the switch on your account. He is a man who champions the little guy, as well as the bigger ones.

I asked Rob who is the CEO point blank how he felt about alternative medicine and found out his wife is part of the alternative medicine community. He is a man who with his company he founded represents the right to free speech, free thought, freedom of religion, and freedom to run our business with their support as long as its legal and not promoting hate or violence. I talked with him at least three times and he is down to earth and professional as well.

This week I moved my business and domains to EPIK this week. It was surprisingly easy and less stressful than expected because their really supportive staff helped me migrate my website material and worked with me to make sure the migration was smooth.

It is a lot of work and expense somewhat to move your business over but I saved money on the transfer of my domains over the renewal fees at the old company. I am paying the same monthly hosting cost but they included domain privacy as part of the service. At the other one, I had to pay extra for that.

This week I have had several questions and they gave me excellent help for every one of them. I have been so impressed with their company that I am working with them to help their business grow. In doing that I am doing a little to help others to protect their domains and websites in these times of suppression.

Move your websites and domains to a company who will do their best to protect you! Do it now before you have been shut down by the one you are hosting at now. Yes, I do get a small commission for promoting them but all my business and websites are hosted by them. I am paying the same price for services you will.
I do not get any discount on my services for telling people about them. I am telling you to move your website and domain services over to them because I believe in EPIK and what they stand for. Talk to the staff yourself and ask them questions. Talk to them about your website business and how they can serve you. They are a full service hosting and domain company who is big enough to host large companies and their needs but values small businesses as well.
Reach out to EPIK and protect your websites, domains and business with a company who stands for freedom and free speech!

Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin

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