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Alternative Business Solutions to Protect Your Website and Domains from Suppression

By KateFreer

How Do We Protect Our Alternative Medicine and Conservative Website Businesses with the Current Media Suppression Going on?

Those of us who voted for freedom of speech and values such as God, Faith and Family are in for quite a suppressive next 4 years or more.

All of us have in our power to do little steps to fight back no matter how small we are. In this section I will be addressing some of these business steps in the next few weeks.

It is important we do whatever we can to be a part of saving our country and free speech. All of us should have the right to express our thoughts and views openly without fear of retaliation and vengeance from others. We should not be singled out and destroyed because we voted differently than someone else.

We should not have our business destroyed because of our political, religious, or alternative medicine views. We should not be silenced because we believe in alternative medicine and herbs instead of standard medicine. We deserve to have ...

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