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Organic/ USDA Organic Certified Moringa Products , Supplements, Herbs, and Esseac Tea X
Buy USDA Organic Certified Moringa Products, Supplements, and Esseac Tea X
My store is open now which sells USDA organic certified Moringa Powder from Ecuador in caps, powder, and tea. Interested in Moringa oil, extract, and skin care products that are natural and healthy. Find them in the store.
If you are interested in the products that I feel are the highest quality brands for health supplements and herbs, visit the store below. If you need Esseac Tea, I sell it as well. These products are brands I have either researched or use personally. Click on the store link below
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If you would like to write alternative health articles and publish them here, it would be wonderful to have your writing expertise as part of this directory. Send me an email with your background and goals. Hope to hear from you!

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Featured Article Spotlight

Importing Moringa: The Nightmare of Customs, the FDA, and Contaminated Product

By KateFreer

I get calls several times a week on how to import herbs and Moringa without problems. Here is our story which shut down our business for over a year. You need to read this before you order, spending your hard earned money on product from foreign countries. This article was originally published in Yahoo Voices in 2011. There is an update at the end of this article.

We had no import or export business experience when we started in 2010, other than buying product from an Indian company, Genera that sent their products by FedEx international. The products were shipped right to our house. I have updated this original article with a few notes at the end. Please read the complete article for those updated notes.

You need to hear this story before you make the decision to import herbs. Our business was new, not a year old yet. We had started on a shoestring budget. We had ordered two previous shipments of Moringa powder, caps, and teas from India by Fed Ex. Those first two shipments were d...

Continue Reading Importing Moringa: The Nightmare of Customs, the FDA, and Contaminated Product...

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