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Living with Chronic Lyme Disease
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Living with Chronic Lyme Disease

By KateFreer

Chronic Lyme disease affects the lives of many thousands of people here in the U.S. and across the world. There are many thousands more who are sick and undiagnosed with Lyme disease.

Many of you do not understand the danger of ticks and the devasting effects on your physical and mental health that happens with untreated Lyme disease.

I am one of those many thousands blessed to have been diagnosed with Lyme disease. Blessed because I was able to confirm my diagnosis with a doctor. I am 3 years into this journey, but it is a journey that can last weeks, months, and years. Although I am over the worst of it, it is still part of my daily health struggle.

I have decided to use my site as a hub for people who are searching for information and help to overcome this illness.

Each person who has Chronic Lyme Disease has their own individual story of how they are overcoming the devastating effects of this illness. Each person may have different symptoms and use different paths to overcom...

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