Interstitial Cystitis: Diet and Therapies that Relieve IC Pain

Learn about Interstitial Cystitis, diet, and therapies that relieve the pain of IC.  IC/PBS is an unknown disorder to many doctors and to most patients in pain. IC/PBS has been around for years but has gone seriously undiagnosed and treated until the past few years. In this article, I will discuss both traditional and holistic treatments for this disease. You Read More

Interstitial Cystitis: Severe Bladder Pain that is Not Infection

Learn about Interstitial Cystitis and why it is so undiagnosed. Thousands of women go undiagnosed with severe bladder pain that tests show is not an infection. You have bladder pain constantly but the doctor can find no sign of infection. The urine dip tests come up negative. You know you are not crazy or making up for the pain. You Read More