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Distance  Life and Health Coaching through phone and Zoom Calls.

Sliding Scale as time permits for clients.

Phone      970-360-9079 (text only) as I may be with a client.


Master Herbalist of 35 years.

Life and Health Coach, NLP Coach, Solution Based Counseling Coach

Lyme Disease Coach,  Brain Health Coach

Researcher and Freelance Writer

Cathryn Freer

Coaching helps you to harmonize your mind, body, spirit, and environment into balance. It can be thought of as a natural approach to wellness that promotes overall health, or as an integrative lifestyle practice that strives toward overall wellness.

  • The elements of the inflammation-free lifestyle and its benefits are an integral part of my coaching. This benefits almost any individual including Lyme patients and other health conditions.

Holistic health and wellness is the practice of treating the whole mind, body, and spirit.

My coaching involves helping you to adopt New Healthy self-care habits from the cellular level up including food choices, exercise choices, stress control, and help to boost immune function.  I work with lifestyle changes including herbal and supplement protocols.

It is also important to get your heart and mind into a peaceful state that helps your body to heal.  I am Christian and believe in prayer as well.  Some of my tools are Visual Guidance, Mindfulness, and NLP which can help you to learn how to be more at peace in your stressful life. 

I don’t just teach alternative and herbal medicine but I live it every day of my life!


More about my coaching style …………..

Do you need some direction on your path to better physical and mental health? Would it benefit you to have a coach to help you make sure you are sticking to your health and body goals? 

  • I am not a doctor or licensed counselor so I cannot diagnose or treat disease. I cannot order tests including Lyme disease tests. I can however help you to find resources like labs to perform the tests and doctors who can help you get diagnosed properly. Many people who are sick have no clue how to get help or have gone to doctors who do not have the expertise with their health issues.


What does a health coach do to help people?

  • The elements of the inflammation-free lifestyle and its benefits are an integral part of my coaching. This benefits almost any individual including Lyme patients and other health conditions.


  • A coach helps you to identify those diet or lifestyle problems and helps you to create changes that will improve your health and brain function.  I can be your support as you make those steps in improving your health and brain function helping you to keep focused and moving forward. 


  • As a coach, many people need a lot of support to get through their health crisis. I can also make you aware of herbal protocols you may not know about and how to use them. I can help you navigate the complicated health or lifestyle journey that is so frustrating.

As a Coach, How do I help Chronic Lyme patients?


  • The elements of the inflammation-free lifestyle and its benefits are an integral part of my coaching. This benefits almost any patient including Lyme patients and other health conditions.


  • With Lyme patients, I support their path having had testing by a Lyme literate doctor first who has tested and treated them. Lyme disease takes months or years to overcome the devastating effects.


  • It helps to have a coach to support you through the tough weeks and months between doctor’s checkups. There are times you want to give up. I speak from personal experience.  A coach can make a difference in your staying on a protocol. I can also help you locate a Lyme-literate doctor and resources you may not be aware of in the system. 

As a coach, How do I help people improve brain health?

  • There are many factors in brain health including gut problems, lack of exercise, lack of brain exercise, diet, sugar, excessive stress, and medications that may be contributing to your brain fog or brain symptoms.


Costs for Coaching

  • Sliding Scale for patients to my time available and need.


  • Initial phone call is FREE. This is to see if we are a good match for your health goals.
  • The first visit by telephone or video meeting is $50.00 and involves about two to three hours of finding out more about your history, diet, and known health issues and establishing a base, to begin with. 


  • Health coaching costs from the 2nd visit onward are at the rate of $20.00 per visit via PayPal invoice. These payments are paid for in advance. My time is important as is yours. I expect you to be available at the time arranged for.



Cathyrn Freer, the Herbladyisin, Education

Master Herbalist training was completed through Dominion Herbal College in Canada in 1980s and 1990s.

Training in herbal medicine and Iridology under the late Keith Smith, Escondido, Ca. 

Keith Smith was a well-known healer, Master Herbalist, iridologist, and educator.

He was a healer and educator for over 40 years with incredible healing abilities.

I took iridology and healing classes under Bernard Jensen, the father of Iridology. 1990-1993.

Cathryn Freer, The Herbladyisin, Recent Education and Certificates

Certified Life and Health Coach,

Certified Life Coach Practitioner,

Certified  NLP Coach,

Certified Solution Based Counseling Practitioner,

Emotional Intelligence Practitioner,

Mindfulness Life Coach Certified,

Brain Health Coach,

Chronic Lyme Coach,

Freelance researcher and writer

Experience and Education

I took courses in the 1980s from Dominion Herbal College, Bernard Jensen the father of Iridology, Keith Smith who was a well-known healer and Iridologist in CA until he passed away two years ago, and courses recently on counseling and health coaching. 

30-plus years of intensive ongoing study and health coaching experience and practice.

I now feel writing is the most effective way for me to help people on their path to better health.


How does one end up on the path to becoming an herbalist and coach?

In the 1980s I worked for doctors as a medical assistant.

I ordered the drugs for the doctors to dispense.

I didn’t think much about the fact that they left samples. I knew nothing about alternative medicine or the problems with antibiotic resistance or gut destruction from drugs. I was working in the standard medicine system and that is all I knew.

Every month the drug reps took the doctors out to lunch.

It was when my 3rd child was born in the 1980’s, that my eyes were opened!

Standard medicine knows little about creating real health!

Standard medicine works with diseases, prescriptions, and surgery.

At my daughter’s first set of s***ts, her immune system never was the same.

In fact, her immune system crashed!

Antibiotics did not work on her infections, she got sicker with each round.

Her doctors had no clue! 

In fact, they told me she could not be resistant to antibiotics!

This was even though antibiotics did not work on the infections.

I was just crazy. 

We all know now that antibiotic resistance is a huge problem in healthcare today

That is when I began researching how the immune system of children worked.

I turned away from the doctors I had worked for.

This path led me to alternative medicine to find answers for her.

I found a master herbalist and healer named Keith Smith.

Keith Smith suggested homeopathic medicine for her thymus gland dysfunction.

Keith Smith used iridology to assess her health and suggested a whole new way of life. He then put her on wholistic wellness program to help her regain her strength and immune function.

She was taken off cow’s milk and put on pure, fresh goat’s milk. 

Home-made yogurt was given to her to re-establish her gut flora.

She began to eat again, gain weight, and was less sick.

It took years to get her well after those first sh**ts. 

Her immune system today is not 100 percent but she is doing well.  


My sick daughter led me to become a Master Herbalist some 40 years ago.

I also learned iridology from both Keith Smith and the late Bernard Jensen.

I have never stopped learning or researching since that point in my life.

It became who I am and what I do for my work and my passion.


Not only did alternative medicine save my daughter’s life but mine as well.


I suffered from severe allergies as a child and painful joints.

I went through allergy shots and allergy testing.

I took prescriptions for allergies up until I got into alternative medicine.

Allergy meds just made me groggy and failed to work after a while of taking them.

Mowing the lawn would cause my eyes to itch.

I had female issues from a young teen.

Alternative medicine saved my life and improved my health and allergies.

I have used alternative medicine to overcome all of my health challenges.

My mother had the same issues with her legs.

I use alternative therapies on all of them and am better for it in every way.

I don’t just teach alternative and herbal medicine but I live it every day of my life!


Cathryn Freer