What is Orthomolecular Medicine and its Importance?

Orthomolecular medicines’ main goal is to restore the body’s balance both in the brain and bodily functions by correcting imbalances or deficiencies based on each person’s biochemistry. Orthomolecular doctors utilize natural substances such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and amino acids to achieve that balanced chemistry. Orthomolecular Medicine was founded Read More

Gingko Research Results Confusing. Why?

Why is the research on Gingko and its effectiveness on cognition confusing? You will find studies that support Gingko’s benefits for brain health and studies that report there was no benefit. Why are there such differing research conclusions? Do Alzheimer’s drugs work better? I answer those questions in the second Read More

Lemon Balm (melissa officinalis)

Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis), an aromatic, sweet herb of the Mint Family grown in the herb garden for seasoning, and also used in liqueurs and historically, as a medicine. It grows to 2 feet tall and has small 2-lipped flowers in late summer, and leaves of a decided lemon odor Read More

Alma Berries Super Food for Longevity

Alma Berries- Learn About this Exotic Fruit from India that Acts as a Super Food for Longevity. Alma berries are a food to improve your health and longevity containing Vitamin C, and many of the trace minerals we are lacking today. Do you want to eat food to help prevent Read More

Cooking with Medicinal Mushrooms

Cooking with medicinal mushrooms is one of the healthiest changes you can make to your diet for overall brain and immune system health. If you are not using medicinal mushrooms now, you should be. Cooking with medicinal mushrooms is easy and this article will give ideas to begin today.   Read More

Lyme Neuroborreliosis

Famous people are coming out with their stories about undiagnosed Lyme Disease.

Lyme Neuroborreliosis or Neurological Lyme Disease symptoms vary with each individual.  These symptoms involve the central nervous often show up weeks or even years later when you think you have beaten the disease. It is usually in the second or third stage that the patient experiences these neurological Lyme Disease Read More

Memory and Brain Fog? Prescribed Drugs that Cause Memory Problems

Memory and Brain Fog? Is Your Memory Getting Worse? Is your job being impacted? Is your family life being impacted? Prescribed Drugs that Cause You Memory Problems Suffering from Memory Problems and brain fog? Learn about prescribed drugs you may be taking right now that cause of your memory problems Read More