Anti-Cancer Natural Therapies Links

Learn about Anti-Cancer Natural Therapies in the links below. Find information on cancer programs in Asia, Taiwan, Japan, and other countries that treat cancer successfully using alternative therapies and herbs. These programs are run by Oncology doctors who trained as standard medical doctors, then grew so disappointed at the patient outcomes, that they went into alternative cancer therapies.

Anti-Cancer Natural Therapies Links
Explore cancer from a alternative medicine perspective here.


You will find links to alternative cancer therapy links here below as well. 

You will never hear about these anti-cancer natural therapies from your oncologist here in the US. That is why people travel to these foreign countries to receive these alternative cancer treatments not available in the US.

If you research this from the view of standard medicine you will only find negative articles and data.  Standard medicine makes a fortune off of chemo and radiation treatments and drugs. They will never support any other therapy here in the US because of this.

Even if they have no therapy to offer you and have told you to go home to die, they will not give you information about alternative cancer treatments. This is sad and criminal.  They will tell the patient these therapies are snake oil and will waste their time and money. Just go home and get your family ready for your death.

Important Articles to Read below on the real truth about chemo and radiation success! 


  • Video link on how they misrepresent the real effectiveness and risks of chemotherapy below: You need to listen to this folks. 

         Cancer Lives on Sugar Video



The sites below will give you knowledge on how cancer is being treated around the world with success.  Anti-Cancer Natural Therapies Links


The Truth About Cancer Website

32 Natural Therapies to Consider over Chemo and Radiation standard treatments.

They have seminars every year with interviews from around the world about alternative medicine and anti-cancer treatments found in countries like Asia.  I listen to them free every year but have the whole series of their seminars as well in my library.



Anti-Cancer Natural Therapies Links

10 Natural Cancer Treatments to Consider – Dr. Axe (

Dr. Axe has this great article on alternative cancer therapies including the Gersen protocol.



Read an in-depth research study on anti-cancer alternative herbs and their properties below:

About cancer-fighting herbs- research study published in Pub Med

Curcumin which is a property of Turmeric

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) found in Green Tea Extract

Berberine which is a property of Goldenseal Herb and Oregan Grape Root

Artemisinins from Wormwood herb

Ginsenosides from Ginseng roots

Ursolic acid (UA) found in different berries

Emodin- Emodin (Fig. 2) is an anthraquinone derivative isolated from many plants including Rheum palmatumPolygonum cuspidatumPolygonum multiflorum, and Cassia obtusifolia.


Chris Beat Cancer Website“I was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer in 2003. After surgery, I opted out of chemo and used nutrition and natural therapies to heal. Today I’m healthy, strong, and cancer-free! If you’d like to learn how to help yourself heal or prevent cancer, you’ve come to the right place!” This man is a survivor and thriving after cancer. He has a lot to offer on advice from the cancer trenches.  Chris has a whole system including diet, tapes, and other valuable help at his site.


Learn about the Gerson anti-cancer protocol below:

“Developed in the 1920s by Dr. Max Gerson, the Gerson Therapy™ is a natural treatment system that activates the body’s extraordinary ability to heal itself by treating the underlying cause of degenerative disease – toxicity and nutritional deficiency — through a specific protocol consisting of an organic, plant—based diet, raw juices, detoxification, and natural supplements.”


The Eden Prescription

His site contains a lot of great articles and research.




Glenn Sabin 

n of 1 by Glenn Sabin on beating his CLL cancer.
Glenn Sabins book on beating CLL

n of 1: One man’s Harvard-documented remission of incurable cancer using only natural methods: Sabin, Glenn, Lemanne MD MPH, Dawn, Ornish MD, Dean: 9780997548204: Books

This man conquered CLL and this is documented. CLL is Chronic Leukemia.  I suggest you read his book, n of 1, which documents his fight and success over CLL.  His group on FB listed below has at least one person beating CLL using his guidelines.  You will find little success with CLL other than this book. Research K2, Vit A, Turmeric, and Black Seed oil and leukemia and you will find studies that give hope to slow it down and in some cases defeat it.  

Anti-Cancer Thrivers with Glenn Sabin  (his FB group)

He is a cancer coach as well.  You can book appointments with him by zoom.



Essiac Tea

You will not find any standard medicine websites including Web MD to support Essiac Tea. I have used it for some 30 years to support my kidney and bladder function after a fall that damaged those organs. I personally know its value in supporting and helping your kidneys and bladder to expel the toxins as they should. 

I have known one person in my life who used it successfully for cancer. That was many years ago.

Dr. Axe has the fairest article on the subject of Esseac Tea. If you go to the FB groups about fighting cancer naturally, you will find patients who had success using it. 

With every alternative cancer treatment, there are patients that get well using some of these therapies and some who still die despite them. Most of these patients have already gone through chemo, radiation, and surgery already before they try alternative cancer therapies.

The history of Esseac Tea—make your own judgment after reviewing the history of Esseac Tea and some of the testimonials found there. 


Join the FB groups listed below 

You can read real people using Esseac to make your own determination on trying it for your cancer.

There are links to others using different alternative medicine therapies to fight their cancer below.


Facebook Groups to Join 

There are real people using these therapies.

You must search for these groups using the group names below and then join them.


Anti-Cancer Thrivers with Glenn Sabin- There are several people who are working with their CLL cancer you should read.  It’s a great group I belong to among the others.

Always Hope Cancer Protocol Support Group

Cancer healing, the holistic approach


Curing Cancer Naturally – True Stories from Real People

The Eden Prescription

Essiac: Natural Cure for Cancer

Essiac a Tea for Cancer

Fenbendazole Protocol – Cancer Support Community


SQI Support Group is run by Chris who beat cancer using natural therapies.