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Lyme Disease /Chronic Lyme Resources/Lyme Brain/ Neurological Lyme: Find Lyme Disease expert resources including the best labs for Lyme diagnosis. The resources found here will help you to get diagnosed properly and to get proper treatment for your Lyme disease, Chronic Lyme symptoms, and co-infections. Learn how and why Lyme Disease and co-infections affect your brain and emotions such as Lyme Rage.

Lyme Disease is such a devastating disease and goes largely undiagnosed in this country and throughout the world. Most doctors don’t have a clue about treating Lyme Disease in any of its stages except for the initial stage where there is an obvious rash in tick country. 

Lyme Disease/Chronic Lyme Disease is a devasting disease.
Learn about Lyme Disease/Chronic Lyme Disease resources here.

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After the initial round of antibiotics, they say you will be fine but that is rarely the case.

 The symptoms persist after the 10 days of Doxi. You visit doctor after doctor who inadequately tests you or downplays your symptoms. Many doctors tell patients they don’t need testing or antibiotics after a tick bite. You are sent on your way. As symptoms continue or worsen, you are deemed a hypochondriac by the doctors.  You may be diagnosed with many other different diseases such as Lupus, MS, ALS, and Fibromyalgia, because your GP or infectious disease doctor is not Lyme literate. You can go years or months undiagnosed, sick, and miserable with no sympathy from family or friends. It devastates lives and marriages. It causes all sorts of mental and memory problems.  It is savage in the lives of those who struggle with it. I know that firsthand. I have lived with Chronic Lyme now for 4 years.  This section is for those of you who are searching for the answers your doctors will not acknowledge.  I will be writing a series of articles on Lyme Disease as well. 

*Learn from Dr. McDonald below on how your ALS, MS, or mental disorder may be caused by Lyme disease and its co-infections. Your dementia or that of your loved one may have Lyme disease as its real cause. 

Lyme Brain symptoms and neurologic symptoms can be devastating. Go to the end of these resources listed below to learn more. Lyme disease is one of the causes of dementia that people do not understand as well.  

Lyme Brain symptoms and neurologic symptoms can be devastating.
Your ALS, MS, TM, mental health issue is really undiagnosed Lyme Disease.

Lyme Disease /Chronic Lyme Resources/Lyme Brain/ Neurological Lyme Resources below:

Lyme Disease Experts  Section

Visit these sites and you will learn from the most experienced Lyme Disease experts who can help you learn what you need to do to get well from Lye Disease or Chronic Lyme disease and its co-infections. You will learn some primary differences in how the co-infections manifest themselves in symptoms, why the Elisa and Western Blog are inadequate, how to find a Lyme literate doctor to order the tests you do need, and how to treat yourself using the herbal protocols. Lyme Disease is a long path to recovery but you need to start here with the experts on this page.  

Dr. Lou Rawls

Note Dr. Rauls does treat patients via long distance and in his office as well. 

Dr. Rawls’s protocols are mainly what I used to get well.  I do not do well on antibiotics. With my herbalist training, his books and protocols made the most sense to me. I have attended many of his classes, read and own his books, and have great admiration for him. He knows so much because he became sick with Lyme Disease. It nearly cost him his practice. He went the standard antibiotic route and then found that the herbal route was the one he got well with. He knows how Lyme feels and how it can destroy your life and career if you don’t treat it properly!

One of the great experts who uses the herbal approach. He explains the problems with using antibiotics to treat Lyme and why the herbal approach is better for your overall health and path to wellness. This is especially needed for those who do not have the money for the testing or expensive Lyme doctors or who do not want to go the antibiotic path. He saved my life with his books. I cannot take antibiotics without getting sick so his protocols were my path to wellness.

About Lou Rawls and his journey of overcoming Lyme Disease and Chronic Lyme Disease. He now helps many thousands of people through his books, lectures, and articles on every aspect of Lyme Disease, its stages, and its complications. I followed his protocols and he is my mentor.  He should be your mentor too if you want to get back your health. He still works with patients as well.  He has been through all of it which is why his site is so amazing.  I found Dr. Buhner’s site later which also has some of the same protocols.

Dr. Bill Rawls’ Lyme Treatment Guide | RawlsMD

Herbal Therapy | Dr. Rawls’ Lyme Disease Treatment Guide (

Dr. Bill Rawls on Using Herbal Treatment for Lyme Disease (

Dr Rawls Herbal Protocol For Lyme Disease –

dr rawls lyme protocol Videos (



Buhner Healing Lyme Site

One of the leading experts and researchers who passed away to investigate Lyme Disease and develop protocols for healing Lyme Disease.  He used the herbal approach. There is no easy road to overcoming Lyme but he should be one of your mentors on your path to getting back your life. Research all areas of his links including core protocols.  I have used most of his along with Dr. Lou Rawls who is the other mentor and Lyme Disease Expert.  They saved my life and mental health through my path through Chronic Lyme Disease.


Dr. Alan McDonald

Dr. Alan MacDonald is a pathologist and researcher who has conducted extensive research on the relationship between parasites and neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS) 123. He has discovered nematode parasites and their eggs, larvae, and debris in spinal fluid samples of MS patients 1. Dr. MacDonald hypothesizes that these parasites carry Borrelia spirochetes, which cause MS 1. He also found Borrelia pathogens inside parasitic nematode worms, worm eggs, or larvae in the brain tissue of deceased patients 3.

 Dr. MacDonald discusses his groundbreaking research findings on topics such as the Lyme disease connection to suicide, brain cancer, Leukemia, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease, in addition to how acute Lyme disease disrupts liver function and why and how Lyme disease testing is flawed.

Episode 171: Lyme Doctor’s Doctor – an interview with Doctor Alan MacDonald

Episode 300: Ahead of the Curve – an interview with Dr. Alan McDonald – Tick Boot Camp

Alan Macdonald: Multiple Sclerosis is a parasitosis (

Dr. Alan MacDonald discusses Lyme and Lewy body dementia (

Lyme Bacteria Hides Inside Parasitic Worms, Causing Chronic Brain Diseases (

Alzheimer Borreliosis | Alan B. MacDonald’s website


Dr. Nicola McFadzean, N.D.  (CA)

Dr. Nicola McFadzean, N.D. Is a doctor who treats patients in San Diego, CA.  She is the author of several books including Lyme Brain, Lyme Diet, and The Beginners Guide to Lyme Disease which I highly recommend. I took my Lyme practitioner training from her as well. She has courses on her website for both patients and doctors to become Lyme literate. If you can, I am a fan of her courses. She uses both antibiotics and herbs with patients depending on the individual protocol. She also consults by phone as well.  Her books are easier to learn from as she focuses on teaching about Lyme but on a level that most patients can understand.  (her clinic in CA)


Richard I. Horowitz, MD

Board Certified Internist and Director of the Hudson Valley Healing Arts Center, in Hyde Park, New York, USA. He is a founding member of ILADS, and is President of the International Lyme and Associated Disease Educational Foundation (ILADEF), an organization dedicated to the education of health professionals in the diagnosis and treatment of tick-borne disorders.



Cowden Lyme Protocol

“The Cowden protocol uses 14 different Nutramedix products, including 7 herbs called Microbial Defense that have antibacterial activity. The first two herbs: Banderol and Samento, were tested in vitro by Dr. Eva Sapi and her team at the University of New Haven, Connecticut. It has been proven that both herbs eliminate all forms of Borrelia burgdorferi (spirochetes, cysts, biofilms).

It has also been shown that Banderol and Samento are more effective in breaking up the cysts and biofilms of Borrelia bacteria than doxycycline. Dr. Richard Horowitz of New York stated that the Cowden protocol is effective in 70-80% of patients with advanced LBC for a period of 4 to 6 months, even if the patient’s condition has not improved over several series of antibiotics.

Dr. Horowitz presented his research on the use of the Cowden protocol in patients with Lyme disease and co-infections at the ILADS conference in autumn 2007. A 9-month study was also conducted using the Cowden protocol by the Borealis Center in Augsburg, Germany. The studies were completed in 2012 and showed that 80% of patients show improvement of symptoms (according to the patient’s interview) and 90% showed improved blood tests results in the laboratory.

One of the reasons for the success of the Cowden protocol is that Microbial Defense products have a broad spectrum of activity – against bacteria, fungi, parasites and even viruses, they have anti-inflammatory effects and are not toxic to the body. The use of herbs helps in fighting Borrelia infection and other microbiological infections, removing symptoms accompanying the disease, strengthening the immune system, do not cause intestinal dysbiosis and are safe in use. Toxicological studies at the University of Guayaquil, Ecuador have shown that herbs from the Cowden protocol can be administered to animals thousands of times over the recommended dose without changes in animal behavior or organ histopathology.”


Connie Strasheim Story

She goes through her story and an in-depth discussion on all the bizarre symptoms we have with Chronic Lyme that is hard to describe to others such as your brain feeling toxic, temperature fluctuations with no fever, mental and memory symptoms, and so much more.


Lyme Organizations to read articles, get information, and find a Lyme literate doctor Below:


Lyme Disease.Org

Lyme Disease. Org

Join their patient database program here to help others: 

“MyLymeData is one of the largest patient-driven registries in the nation, with over 16,000 patients enrolled. It was created by patients, is run by patients, and will address the issues that Lyme disease patients care about. MyLymeData Viz provides the community with results from MyLymeData. If you are enrolled in MyLymeData, we thank you for providing the data that will accelerate the pace of research in Lyme disease. If you are not enrolled, please enroll today.”



Global Lyme Alliance

This lists among other Lyme Disease information the different stages and its symptoms such as eye pain and vision problems, sore throat that occurs chronically, and other odd symptoms. You can learn so much from this page and its other resources.


Lyme Boot Camp

Home Page

Great educational site with podcasts by the greatest expert Lyme doctors and educators. 

Blog Posts



Lyme Guide

This site will confirm some of the symptoms regarding memory, brain toxic symptoms, and just how Lyme Disease makes your brain feel which is hard to describe to others.  Your brain and mental function feel toxic.

Teasel Root Therapy 

Lyme Essential Oil Treatment for Pain



Lyme Disease and Dental Health

Lyme disease can affect your mouth and throat with sore throats that come on suddenly.




They publish a magazine with some of the newest Lyme Research which is worth the membership price.

You do have to become a member to access some of the benefits but I list this because it is worth the money to do so.

I am a member so I can access information for myself. The 2nd link does help you to find a Lyme-literate dr in your state.



LymeLight Foundation

“Our mission is to provide grants to enable eligible children and young adults with Lyme disease to receive proper treatment and medication as well as raise awareness about Lyme disease. ” Since most insurance does not pay for Lyme treatments, this is a possibility to get help for treatments.



Lyme Brain

Lyme Brain by Nicola Mc Fadzean is one of the best books on how Lyme affects memory, mood, and brain function. This is one of the books I own and encourage you to buy so you understand why you are having the brain and memory problems you are having. It answered and gave me solutions to me and her book and protocols are one reason I am writing again.

“Lyme Brain. Most people with Lyme have experienced it. It’s the most intrusive symptom that comes with the disease, and also one of the most difficult to alleviate. The brain is a very delicate organ and is often the last organ to experience relief from the effects of Borrelia, co-infections, and co-conditions.

In this cutting-edge book, Naturopathic Doctor Nicola McFadzean Ducharme opens up her vault of experience, wisdom, and practical tools, to bring you the most comprehensive protocol for Lyme brain that’s ever been written. Dr. Nicola’s training in natural medicine makes her the perfect doctor to write this book. While she isn’t afraid to use pharmaceuticals when necessary, she prefers more gentle, holistic supplements and strategies to heal the delicate and sensitive brain. In this book, she takes you on a journey through dozens of supplements, treatments, and strategies to reclaim your smarts and leave Lyme brain behind. ”      Lyme Brain: The Impact of Lyme Disease on Your Brain, and How to Reclaim Your Smarts by Nicola McFadzean Ducharme NDDr. Nicola McFadzean Ducharme ND, et al.

More Links on how Lyme affects your brain and neurological problems 
Please read, Dr. Nicolas book, Lyme brain. You will be so relieved to know your weird brain and emotional symptoms are part of Lyme Disease and its co-infection disease pattern. The late-stage symptoms can get pretty serious and affect your job, your life, and ability to function.
  • “Lymphocytic meningitis is a form of meningitis caused when the Borrelia bacterium spreads (disseminates) through the lymphatic system. As the bacterium infiltrates the central nervous system, it can cause swelling of the membrane surrounding the brain and spinal cord (called the meninges) and lead to classic meningitis symptoms, including a stiff neck and extreme sensitivity to light. In children, lymphocytic meningitis can sometimes cause partial vision loss.3″


  • “Cranial neuritis is the inflammation of the cranial nerves that originate in the brain stem and are involved in everything from smell, hearing, taste, vision, and balance to facial expression, head-turning, and tongue movement. With LNB, cranial neuritis most typically causes facial palsy (known as Bell’s palsy), along with impaired blinking, smiling, and chewing on one or both sides of the face.
  • Intermittent double vision (diplopia) is also possible.1″


  • “Radiculopathy is the inflammation of the spinal nerve roots that transmit signals from the brain to the peripheral nerves of the limbs and trunk. With LNB, radiculopathy can cause numbness, muscle weakness, and prickly, tingling, or burning sensations (paresthesia). Pain is a central feature of Lyme radiculopathy, often described as excruciating and migrating. The radicular pain is rarely symmetrical and tends to get worse at night, causing sleep disturbance. Most of the pain will be centralized near the site of the tick bite and, in some cases, serves as an early warning sign of Bell’s palsy.4″


  • “Less commonly, LNB can cause inflammation of the brain (encephalitis) and spinal cord (myelitis). If this occurs, the symptoms will typically be more pronounced and may include confusion, tremors, impaired speech, abnormal gait (how you walk), and rapid, involuntary movements (ataxia) of the eye.5″


  • “Although the acute symptoms of LNB will typically normalize over time, extreme cases—particularly those left untreated—can lead to permanent motor or sensory impairment, most often involving the lower limbs.”

The most effective labs to test for Lyme Disease and its co-infections.

Many of you have come here after testing negative using the Western Blot or Elisa test which is standard in most GP offices. These tests have many flaws because of their insensitivity and inability to correctly diagnose tick diseases.  If you have tested negative, that does not mean you don’t have Lyme disease or its co-infections. It means that you did not get tested properly. These tests do not identify co-infections either which most people do have as well as Lyme Disease.  These tests are the ones used again by most general practitioners and doctors who do not have the expertise to help you with Lyme disease or its co-infections.

IGenex Labs ( I have not used this lab company personally)

They do specialty lab tests for Lyme Disease that your doctor and insurance are not educated on. These lab tests are extremely expensive but if you have the money could be very valuable in identifying the underlying Lyme Bacteria responsible for your continued illness.  Again you are going to pay for these out of pocket.  More than likely if you do not pay for your own tests, you will not get diagnosed properly and it will cost you time and worsening health symptoms. Most patients see up to 10 doctors or more before they get properly diagnosed and treated.  If you are not seeing a Lyme literate doctor, your odds of getting well from Lyme and its co-infections are slim. That is borne out by thousands of people trying to find effective treatment.

The below excerpts are from their website on their innovative tests not available through most labs.

“We test for more relevant strains of tick-borne pathogens than any other lab, even those pathogens that exhibit Lyme-like symptoms but may be due to a different tick-borne disease and require different treatment paths.

It is important to test for co-infections. Nearly 1 in 4 ticks infected with the Lyme Disease pathogen carry more than one pathogen. That means nearly 25% of patients will not be properly diagnosed if the patient is tested only for Lyme disease. “

“We developed our in-house testing criteria for Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases based on decades of evidence and validation studies. Most labs use Lyme disease testing criteria developed in 1994 when much less was known about the disease and its pathogens.

IGeneX has developed several industry-leading tests. Our ImmunoBlot test has a sensitivity rate that is nearly double that of the standard two-tier testing protocol.”


Galaxy Labs

“Based on our deep scientific expertise, we offer the best possible molecular and serology tests available for each of our pathogen targets. We also generate new knowledge about emerging infectious diseases, such as Bartonella infection (cat scratch disease), Borrelia infection (Lyme disease), and other flea- and tick-borne diseases through close partnerships with healthcare providers, veterinarians, and researchers.”


More Links

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