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Lyme Disease /Chronic Lyme Resources/Lyme Brain/ Neurological Lyme: I am adding this page to begin a new section of this article directory on Lyme Disease/Chronic Lyme Resources.  Find links and resources here to help you diagnose and treat your Lyme disease and Chronic Lyme symptoms. Lyme Disease is such a devastating disease and goes largely undiagnosed in this country and throughout the world. Most doctors don’t have a clue about treating Lyme Disease in any of its stages except for the initial stage where there is an obvious rash in tick country. 

Lyme Disease/Chronic Lyme Disease is a devasting disease.
Learn about Lyme Disease/Chronic Lyme Disease resources here.


After the initial round of antibiotics, they say you will be fine but that is rarely the case.  The symptoms persist and you are deemed a hypochondriac by the doctors.  You may be diagnosed with several other diseases such as Lupus because they are not Lyme literate. You can go years or months undiagnosed, sick, and miserable with no sympathy from family or friends. It devastates lives and marriages. It causes all sorts of mental and memory problems.  It is savage in the lives of those who struggle with it. I know that firsthand. I have lived with Chronic Lyme now for 4 years.  This section is for those of you who are searching for the answers your doctors will not acknowledge.  I will be writing a series of articles on Lyme Disease as well. 

See the links below on Lyme Brain symptoms and neurologic symptoms that can be devastating at the end of these resources. Lyme disease is one of the causes of dementia that people do not understand as well.  


IGenex Labs ( I have not used this lab company personally)

They do specialty lab tests for Lyme Disease that your doctor and insurance will not pay for. These lab tests are extremely expensive but if you have the money could be very valuable in identifying the underlying Lyme Bacteria responsible for your continued illness.  Again you are going to pay for these out of pocket. 

The below excerpts are from their website on their innovative tests not available through most labs.

“We test for more relevant strains of tick-borne pathogens than any other lab, even those pathogens that exhibit Lyme-like symptoms but may be due to a different tick-borne disease and require different treatment paths.

It is important to test for co-infections. Nearly 1 in 4 ticks infected with the Lyme Disease pathogen carry more than one pathogen. That means nearly 25% of patients will not be diagnosed if the patient is tested only for Lyme disease. “

“We developed our in-house testing criteria for Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases based on decades of evidence and validation studies. Most labs use Lyme disease testing criteria developed in 1994 when much less was known about the disease and its pathogens.

IGeneX has developed several industry-leading tests. Our ImmunoBlot test has a sensitivity rate that is nearly double that of the standard two-tier testing protocol.”


Lyme Disease.Org

Lyme Disease. Org

Join their patient database program here to help others: 

“MyLymeData is one of the largest patient-driven registries in the nation, with over 16,000 patients enrolled. It was created by patients, is run by patients and will address the issues that Lyme disease patients care about. MyLymeData Viz provides the community with results from MyLymeData. If you are enrolled in MyLymeData, we thank you for providing the data that will accelerate the pace of research in Lyme disease. If you are not enrolled, please enroll today.”



Global Lyme Alliance

This lists among other Lyme Disease information the different stages and its symptoms such as eye pain and vision problems, sore throat that occurs chronically, and other odd symptoms. You can learn so much from this page and its other resources.



Dr. Lou Rawls

About Lou Rawls and his journey of overcoming Lyme Disease and Chronic Lyme Disease. He now helps many thousands of people through his books, lectures, and articles on every aspect of Lyme Disease, its stages, and its complications. I followed his protocols and he is my mentor.  He should be your mentor too if you want to get back your health. He still works with patients as well.  He has been through all of it which is why his site is so amazing.  I found Dr. Buhner’s site later which also has some of the same protocols.



Buhner Healing Lyme Site

One of the leading men to investigate Lyme Disease and develop protocols for healing Lyme Disease.  There is no easy road to overcoming Lyme but he should be one of your mentors on your path to getting back your life. Research all areas of his links including core protocols.  I have used most of his along with Dr. Lou Rawls who is the other mentor and Lyme Disease Expert.  They saved my life and mental health through my path through Chronic Lyme Disease.




Lyme Guide

This site will confirm some of the symptoms regarding memory, brain toxic symptoms, just how Lyme Disease makes your brain feel which is really hard to describe to others.  Your brain and mental function feels toxic.

Teasel Root Therapy 

Lyme Essential Oil Treatment for Pain



Connie Strasheim Story

She goes through her story and an in-depth discussion on all the bizarre symptoms we have with Chronic Lyme that is hard to describe to others such as your brain feeling toxic, temperature fluctuations with no fever, mental and memory symptoms, and so much more.



Lyme Disease and Dental Health

Lyme disease can affect your mouth and throat with sore throats that come on suddenly.




They publish a magazine with some of the newest Lyme Research which is worth the membership price.

You do have to become a member to access some of the benefits but I list this because it is worth the money to do so.

I am a member so I can access information for myself. The 2nd link does help you to find a Lyme-literate dr in your state.



LymeLight Foundation

“Our mission is to provide grants to enable eligible children and young adults with Lyme disease to receive proper treatment and medication as well as raise awareness about Lyme disease. ” Since most insurance does not pay for Lyme treatments, this is a possibility to get help for treatments.


Lyme Brain

Lyme Brain by Nicola Mc Fadzean is one of the best books on how Lyme affects memory, mood, and brain function. This is one of the books I own and encourage you to buy so you understand why you are having the brain and memory problems you are having.

“Lyme Brain. Most people with Lyme have experienced it. It’s the most intrusive symptom that comes with the disease, and also one of the most difficult to alleviate. The brain is a very delicate organ, and is often the last organ to experience relief from the effects of Borrelia, co-infections, and co-conditions.

In this cutting-edge book, Naturopathic Doctor Nicola McFadzean Ducharme opens up her vault of experience, wisdom, and practical tools, to bring you the most comprehensive protocol for Lyme brain that’s ever been written. Dr. Nicola’s training in natural medicine makes her the perfect doctor to write this book. While she isn’t afraid to use pharmaceuticals when necessary, she prefers more gentle, holistic supplements and strategies to heal the delicate and sensitive brain. In this book, she takes you on a journey through dozens of supplements, treatments, and strategies to reclaim your smarts and leave Lyme brain behind. ”      Lyme Brain: The Impact of Lyme Disease on Your Brain, and How to Reclaim Your Smarts    by Nicola McFadzean Ducharme NDDr. Nicola McFadzean Ducharme ND, et al.

More Links on how Lyme affects your brain and neurological problems 
  • “Lymphocytic meningitis is a form of meningitis caused when the Borrelia bacterium spreads (disseminates) through the lymphatic system. As the bacterium infiltrates the central nervous system, it can cause swelling of the membrane surrounding the brain and spinal cord (called the meninges) and lead to classic meningitis symptoms, including a stiff neck and extreme sensitivity to light. In children, lymphocytic meningitis can sometimes cause partial vision loss.3″


  • “Cranial neuritis is the inflammation of the cranial nerves that originate in the brain stem and are involved in everything from smell, hearing, taste, vision, and balance to facial expression, head turning, and tongue movement. With LNB, cranial neuritis most typically causes facial palsy (known as Bell’s palsy), along with impaired blinking, smiling, and chewing on one or both sides of the face.
  • Intermittent double vision (diplopia) is also possible.1″


  • “Radiculopathy is the inflammation of the spinal nerve roots that transmit signals from the brain to the peripheral nerves of the limbs and trunk. With LNB, radiculopathy can cause numbness, muscle weakness, and prickly, tingling, or burning sensations (paresthesia). Pain is a central feature of Lyme radiculopathy, often described as excruciating and migrating. The radicular pain is rarely symmetrical and tends to get worse at night, causing sleep disturbance. Most of the pain will be centralized near the site of the tick bite and, in some cases, serves as an early warning sign of Bell’s palsy.4″


  • “Less commonly, LNB can cause inflammation of the brain (encephalitis) and spinal cord (myelitis). If this occurs, the symptoms will typically be more pronounced and may include confusion, tremors, impaired speech, abnormal gait (how you walk), and rapid, involuntary movements (ataxia) of the eye.5″


  • “Although the acute symptoms of LNB will typically normalize over time, extreme cases—particularly those left untreated—can lead to permanent motor or sensory impairment, most often involving the lower limbs.”

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