Herb Supplement Quality- Choosing a high-quality supplement.

Herb supplement quality determines how effective the formula is and its safety! Learn how to choose a quality supplement and know you are buying an effective product.   That quality factor is the most difficult to research because often labels don’t tell you much. Laws prevent supplement manufacturers from giving you dosage directions. It is up to you to research Read More

Natural Thyroid Health Supplements

Natural thyroid health supplements are important. Your thyroid gland affects every function of your body from body temperature, to how well your immune and female systems work.  Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are two different ends of the same problem which is thyroid dysfunction. You should get lab tests to make sure which end of the problem your health falls into.    Read More

Lyme Disease /Lyme Brain/Chronic Lyme Resources

Lyme Disease /Chronic Lyme Resources/Lyme Brain/ Neurological Lyme: I am adding this page to begin a new section of this article directory on Lyme Disease/Chronic Lyme Resources.  Find links and resources here to help you diagnose and treat your Lyme disease and Chronic Lyme symptoms. Lyme Disease is such a devastating disease and goes largely undiagnosed in this country and Read More

Herbal Medicine Courses

Do you have a passion for all things herbal and holistic? Do you want to pursue becoming a professional herbalist? Are you a healer in your mind and heart?  Visit the links on learn herbal medicine courses below.  Herbal medicine courses vary in level and cost.  Always perform due diligence before enrolling and ask many questions before signing up.  You Read More