Find the TOP Holistic Health Research Institution links.

Need to research your health problem from a natural health perspective? Visit the TOP holistic health research institutions’ links here to find published research studies and education. To become healthier, you need to educate yourself on health, healthy eating, and a healthy lifestyle. If you have a health problem, you need to know more than your doctor about your health Read More

Learn Why Doctors Reject Published Herb Research Studies.

Why doctors reject published herb research studies. Why you will never get exact and consistent published herb research studies. It is the fundamental difference between drugs and herbs. Points to consider below:   You cannot compare published drug research papers against published herb research. Why?  You are comparing data on lab-created chemicals to naturally grown herbs and foods. Herbs, mushrooms, Read More

Alternative Medicine Research- Truth or Lies? How to Review Articles You Read

Learn how to review holistic research articles to find the truth. You read alternative articles and research briefs every day in newspapers, on the web, and in magazines. Many are negative about alternative medicine. Often those research articles are presented as evidence against herbs and vitamins. In some cases the research findings are questionable and the research is fraudulently performed!  Read More