Hypothyroidism: Holistic Treatment of Underactive Thyroid Imbalance

Hypothyroidism and thyroid disorders affect millions in the US alone, with an estimated 27 million undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Women suffer from thyroid problems more than men, due to their fragile hormonal systems and stress. Most patients with health insurance visit their doctor, who is only educated to treat hypothyroidism according Read More

Interstitial Cystitis: Severe Bladder Pain that is Not Infection

Learn about Interstitial Cystitis and why it is so undiagnosed. Thousands of women go undiagnosed with severe bladder pain that tests show is not an infection. You have bladder pain constantly but the doctor can find no sign of infection. The urine dip tests come up negative. You know you Read More

Ovarian Cancer: Risk Factors and Prevention with Lifestyle

Learn about lifestyle habits like diet and exercise that Help Prevent Ovarian Cancer.  Your ovaries are important organs in your reproductive system. They secrete important hormones such as estrogen and progesterone that keep your hormones balanced and healthy. Ovarian cancer can form in the ovaries, fallopian tubes, or the membrane Read More

Nipple Soreness, Hypersensitivity, Burning, and Intense Itching: The Possible Causes

Nipple Soreness, Hypersensitivity, Burning, and Intense Itching Learn the Possible Causes Often nipple problems and infections occur when nursing. What you may not know is that these same symptoms can occur in women during premenopausal or menopausal years. The intense soreness, itching, and hypersensitivity in the nipple and areola may Read More

Alternative Therapies to Help Relieve RA Pain

If you have RA, you suffer severe pain and discomfort at times. Learn therapies that relieve RA pain including natural healing techniques and herbal relief formulas.   The therapies you will learn about in this article involve physical activity and the power of using your mind over pain. Learn about Read More

Memory and Brain Fog? Prescribed Drugs that Cause Memory Problems

Memory and Brain Fog? Is Your Memory Getting Worse? Is your job being impacted? Is your family life being impacted? Prescribed Drugs that Cause You Memory Problems Suffering from Memory Problems and brain fog? Learn about prescribed drugs you may be taking right now that cause of your memory problems Read More