Alternative Therapies to Help Relieve RA Pain

If you have RA, you suffer severe pain and discomfort at times.

Learn therapies that relieve RA pain including natural healing techniques and herbal relief formulas.  

The therapies you will learn about in this article involve physical activity and the power of using your mind over pain.

Learn about herbal formulations that might help as well. 

Why learn about natural healing therapies that relieve RA pain?

Perhaps OTC pain medications or drugs do not help. Perhaps they help the pain but cause stomach problems.

You want to find something that relieves pain but is not a prescription drug with a huge list of side effects.

The therapies involve physical activity and the power of using your mind over pain.

Learn about herbal formulations that might help as well. Here is a review of those therapies:


Meditation and natural therapies can relieve RA pain
Find out how holistic therapies can relieve RA Pain.


We are not talking about religion but meditation techniques that can relieve stress and help you to relax.

Meditation has been proven to help in pain relief.

Meditation helps with depression, and anxiety, and can lower heart and blood pressure rates.

Deep Breathing:

The deep breathing techniques again help with stress reduction and aid you to relax.

You breathe in while you tense your muscles, then let the air out while you direct your muscles to relax.

There are sites to help you learn how to use the deep breathing method for health.

Creative Visualization:

In this technique, close your eyes, then use the power of your mind to imagine peaceful pictures.

These peaceful visions, relax you and have been shown to reduce pain.

In some cases, you may imagine peaceful, white healing light radiating down to the area where your pain is.

You see and feel the light relieving your pain and discomfort.

There are books and tapes to walk you through this method. It is used in many hospitals today for cancer patients.


This technique teaches you how to control health functions such as heart rate and blood pressure,

by controlling your reactions.

You learn to calm yourself down when confronted with stress and anxiety.

Some patients can use it for pain control.

I took care of a woman years ago whose religion did not allow her to take pain medicine.

I watched her calmly sit through two root canals without a flinch.

She had learned that as part of her religion.

She used her mind to control her pain. I was amazed as I watched her.

Tai chi:

Tai Chi is a form of exercise with very slow, graceful, and exact body motions.

There are classes from beginner to advanced.

It improves range of motion, balance, and joint strength.

Tai chi will teach you how to use your mind to focus away from the pain you are experiencing.

Tai Chi is supported by the Arthritis Foundation to help seniors with body balance and health.

It has been shown in a number of studies to relieve the pain, stiffness, and fatigue present in RA, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.

It is good for the mind and the body and its benefits are widely accepted.

Tai chi classes are being given to patients in hospitals for rehabilitation.



Acupuncture uses stainless steel thin needles to stimulate circulation and unblock pathways called meridians.

It is felt that the energy pathways become blocked, leading to imbalance and disease.

Some researchers believe that through this alternative therapy, endorphins are released which block pain.

Even though there are no studies with regard to RA, it has been shown to improve the pain of osteoarthritis and back pain.

This method takes several weeks or months to work in some cases.

Pain is not usually relieved in one or two visits.

The time it takes depends on the severity of the case and the cooperation of the patient.


Massage and Physical Therapy:

This may include hydrotherapy to help increase range of motion, muscle strength, mobility, and pain reduction.

Exercising in a pool may be one of the only ways in which some patients can exercise at all.

Massage helps to relax tissues and release toxins.

Hot and cold pack therapy on inflamed tissue is suggested by many doctors.



We have an awesome chiropractor who does wonders to relieve pain.

His treatments make all the difference in the world in the way I feel.

I have had two major accidents in my life which have impacted my bones.

I go every two weeks and it is worth every penny spent.

Some chiropractors will work with you on the costs.

It does not hurt to ask.


Turmeric, ginger and herbs can help soothe RA Pain
Fresh turmeric and ginger root are anti-inflammatory.

Anti-inflammatory Herbs

Anti-inflammatory herbs come in different combinations of herbs depending on the company.

Some formulas use American herbs and others contain Chinese herbs.

If you buy one with Chinese herbs, make sure it is a high-quality brand that tests the herb quality.

Some of the cheap formulations are full of dirt and heavy metals.


Example of a RA Formula with Chinese Herbs

The one I have used for years comes from New Sun Herbs called INF.

New Sun carries exceptional herbs and supplements.

INF contains Licorice, Chinese Smilax, Chrysanthemum, Chinese Peony, Dong Quai, Phellodendrom, Saffron, Bupleurum roots,

Forsythia, Gardenia, Chaste Tree, Drynaria, Sichuan Lovage, Honeysuckle, Flowering Quince, Tienchi Ginger root, and Tribulus fruit.

I have been using the formula above for years along with Turmeric and Ginger.

If I stop taking the herbal formulas, the pain returns to my knees, hands, and feet within a few days.

Years ago my blood work showed the RA factor but the herbal formulations have kept it down so I don’t suffer much from it.

I am 71 now.

Important Caution Below:

If you are taking prescription drugs for RA too, then there could be interactions between the prescription drugs and the herbs.

Visit a holistic-minded doctor to have him help you migrate from prescription drugs to herbs. I

f you take both, you must give them at least three hours of spacing.

I also take fish oil supplements and extra Vitamin C as well.

Alternative therapies have been shown to work on a number of health conditions.

Each patient and their reaction to an alternative therapy is different.

The success of therapies depends on age, the severity of the condition, the belief systems, and belief in the therapy.

Your attitude makes a huge difference.

If you are convinced the therapy will not work, it probably won’t!

Your positive or negative mindset does make a difference and that has been proven.

Patients with positive attitudes live longer and happier than patients who sit in a chair waiting to die.

In the end, it is your choice how you live out your remaining days.

You can still experience joy in adverse health conditions, by the way, you use your mind and thoughts.

Explore these therapies with an open mind and heart.


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