When life knocks you off your feet? Find the silver lining?

When life knocks you off your feet, find the silver lining!  Often, after disappointment, we wallow in a pity party. That is ok for a short time but then it is important to dust your attitude off and look for the lessons and silver lining. 

You must look for the lessons and silver lining in life’s disappointments. 

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Don’t depend on appearances but serious due diligence!

I need to tell you that we had a real setback in our life.  My youngest daughter in Florida moved to some property in Florida. We decided with rents skyrocketing here in Colorado we should move to Florida, setting up an RV on her land.  The hookups were already there so it sounded like it was a clear path.  Florida is supposed to be one of the best states to live on property with an RV.  I spent the past 6 weeks planning every aspect of the trip, RVs, RV life, and all the aspects of living in an RV.  After weeks of looking at different RVs, I found two we felt we could live in and create a workspace.  There was an RV inspector who would inspect the RV before we bought it to make sure it had no unforeseen problems.  Everything was a go and all problems were getting worked out.  It was a little over a week ago, I decided that perhaps I better check the zoning on her 3-acre parcel. Her county was listed as one of the counties where having an RV on your private land is accepted. It was 30 minutes later all our plans and days of planning hit the concrete. We could not live in the RV on her property. We were devastated by the news. Six weeks of research and planning were lost.  I have to admit that I did wallow in anger, tears, and pity.  Slowly, I have dusted myself off and gotten back to life here in Yuma. 

What did I learn? What is the silver lining in this defeat?

This was a new adventure and totally out of my research expertise. My first step should have been to call the zoning department.  That county, Leon County in Tallahassee, Florida had updated and revised its land use laws last year.  So the information in the articles I read was not updated. I did not do my proper due diligence in planning our next life step.  Live and learn!   

Then I realized that the main reason we wanted to move to my daughter’s property was FEAR! We are renting a great house that is being rented to us at 1000 less than other houses in our town. She liked us and is giving us a huge discount for that reason.  FEAR keeps eating at your gut with when is she going to raise the rent for she is losing money. If she does raise the rent, we simply can’t afford to live in Yuma or Colorado period. That statement is true.  The reality is that we have no idea how long we get to live in this house with an amazing rent.  The reality is we have no idea where we will go if that happens. Deep down I wanted fewer questions about our future and costs. Security for many of us as seniors is questionable. We are one of the growing populations of seniors who are in deep trouble with rising costs and a very limited retirement income.  It is the fact staring us in the face. 

We do have control over today and our choices!  We do have control over our thoughts! Do we give in to FEAR?

We do have a choice today and that is to either die early of the fear of WHAT IF and WHEN IT HAPPENS or know that God will somehow find a way through whatever adversity finds its way into our life. Fear paralysis us and creates depression and sickness. As I look back at my life, there have been times before I married Marty, that I was almost homeless. As a caregiver, I was one step away from disaster.  Those times were tough but I did make it through with God’s help.  Now we are older with fewer options but that does not mean he doesn’t have a plan, even if we don’t. Coming to Yuma after we were betrayed financially by a friend, was one of those miracles. Finding this house that is cheaper than any house around here is a miracle. The fact our landlord accepted two dogs, one of them being a 150-pound GP is a miracle with a fenced yard. We have benefited from God’s help and miracles for almost 4 years.  We love the house, its peacefulness, and two bathrooms. We are greatly blessed for right now.

The past month was a test of my faith in God! 

God found us this house 4 years ago and he will find us another if we should have to leave here in the future. There will be a way made if needed. I gave in to WHAT IF! I gave into FEAR of the Future!  I gave in to the insecurity of being older and knowing life could get a lot rougher. Our health is going to fail at some point.  You do not leave this world alive. When that happens in out of control. We can eat well, exercise, and try to extend our health but eventually if not sooner, we will die of something. As seniors, we need to pick up the badge of courage to take each day as it comes and do the best we can in the circumstances. God, courage, and faith are what we can depend on in our last years. That is all there is. Our children may or may not be able to help us when we need it, but God is there.

We can control today, right now,  our thoughts, our diet, our health regimen, and our self-talk. We can control giving into fear!  The silver lining is to be strong and courageous! To live not in the What Its or When.  Live life each day and live it the best you can!