Alma Berries Super Food for Longevity

Alma Berries- Learn About this Exotic Fruit from India that Acts as a Super Food for Longevity. Alma berries are a food to improve your health and longevity containing Vitamin C, and many of the trace minerals we are lacking today. Do you want to eat food to help prevent some of the worst health problems today such as diabetes? Then read this article on Alma Berries all the way through!

Alma Berries or Indian Gooseberry (Amalaki or Emblica officinalis is sacred in Ayurvedic medicine and well known in India, but you may have never heard of it. Alma is an important part of Ayurvedic medicine for over 5000 years or so but it is very unfamiliar to Americans and people in other countries.  

These berries are one of the main ingredients in Ayurveda’s Triphala formulas. You will find it listed in Chinese medicine as well as in countries like Tibet.

This plant goes by several names depending on the country using the fruit including sarvadosha hara or remover of all diseases. 

It is a sourberry that is about the size of a plum. Its official name is Phyllanthus emblica officinalis.  Indian Gooseberry is the common name.

I put Alma berry powder in milk, organic yogurt, or smoothie every day instead of taking Vitamin C capsules or a multi-vitamin which are for the most part synthetic and come from China.  It is sour but I enjoy it in either of the above foods.  Why did I give up my multivitamin and Vitamin C caps after all these years?  I feel better taking this amazing superfood instead.  In this article, I am going to tell you why you should add this food to your regimen every day!

There have been over 30 peer-reviewed studies of Amla in 2011 alone.  This berry has a lot of research behind its benefits!

Alma Berries Amazing Health Benefits below:

Contains Vitamin A

Alma berry contains Vitamin A which feeds the eyes with nutrients to help prevent macular degeneration.

Alma Berries are full of Vitamin C and Antioxidants! 

This Alma fruit contains a 100-gram serving of Vitamin C equal to 20 oranges or 300 milligrams

Gooseberries contain compounds called phytochemicals including quercetin, gallic acid, furosin, and corilagin which fight off free radicals that damage your cells.

Alma berries are one of the four highest foods that contain high measures of ascorbic acid or Vitamin C along with gallic acid and ellagic acid which make its effect more potent than Vitamin C itself. 

Other Nutrient Properties of Alma Berries

It also contains flavonoids, tannins, alkaloids, phenolic compounds, and abundant antioxidants that make it a super food for the body. You can taste the sour Vitamin C when you eat it.

Liver Support

Alma Berries helps support the different functions of your liver and protect it as well from damage. This is supported by research studies.

Beneficial for skin, hair, and nails

Alma Berries are beneficial for more Calcium absorption which helps your skin, bones, nails, and hair to be healthier.

Beneficial For Healthy Lungs

Alma berries strengthen the lungs and respiratory system with their nutrients including Vitamin C, Calcium, and trace minerals.

Supports Different Heart Health Functions

Alma Berries helps support heart functions including maintaining a healthy cholesterol level and preventing plaque buildup which leads to coronary heart disease. There is research to show it helps triglycerides to be normal, encourages good HDL cholesterol, decreases the bad or LDL cholesterol, and helps blood pressure to be healthy.

Anti- Cancer Food

Test tube studies have shown it to inhibit many kinds of cancer including skin cancer, liver, breast, lung, and liver cancers.

Blood Sugar Support

Diabetes is one of the most serious problems in America today. With the junk food and high sugar diets of so many, Alma berries should be part of everyone’s diet. Alma berries according to research help to keep glucose at normal ranges due to their potent antioxidant properties and high Vitamin C content.

Brain and Memory Support

Vitamin C, nutrients, and trace minerals feed the brain which helps to keep your memory and brain sharp.

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