The Amazing Properties of Neem: Antibiotic and Antiviral

Neem Is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and is one the herbs used to treat Lyme Disease herbally.

Learn about the amazing properties of Neem tree leaves that contain natural antiviral and antibiotic-potent properties on your path to natural wellness. Neem or Azadirachta indica a. Juss, has been an important plant for its medical properties in Ayurvedic, Unani, and Homeopathic medicine for thousands of years. Neem tree leaves, stems, bark, and oil is all used in different products.

The Neem tree is an important tree to physicians in India and those areas of the world. Neem trees are now grown in Florida here in the US. The neem tree, its leaves, and branches have been used as both a natural plant insecticide (the neem oil) and as a natural antibiotic for people (leaves and stems in powder form). Neem oil can be used externally. 
Need tree seedlings from Neem Farms in Florida.
You can grow your own Neem tree at home in some areas where the winters are mind such as CA and Florida.



“Virtually all parts of the neem tree (leaves, seeds, bark, and stems), neem oil, and individual neem-associated phytochemicals have been shown to possess antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, and/or antifungal activities.” pub Med research published. 

There have been several books and many research papers published on this valuable tree for medicine and as a biopesticide. One of the best books on the benefits of Neem has been published by the National Academy Press, titled Neem: A Tree for Solving Global Problems. Research around the world is proving its value in medical conditions such as AIDs and Cancer. How can that be true? Scientists have identified more than 115 compounds in the neem tree which include isoprenoids, gedunin, vilasinin, c-secomeliacins, glycosides, tannins, and non-isoprenoids.



Neem tree leaves contain antibacterial and antiviral properties. Here are examples of how Ayurvedic physicians in India use Neem:

The whole neem tree is used for medicine in one way or another including the leaves, bark, gum, flower, seed, and oil.

  • Applied topically for dry, itchy skin or scalp conditions including wounds, skin ulcers, burning skin conditions, physis, skin cancer, skin diseases, leprosy, and syphilitic sores.
  • Used as an anti-inflammatory compound to relieve minor muscle and joint pain discomfort. It seems to have an effect on balancing prostaglandin levels. Indian doctors use it for rheumatism and arthritis.
  • Neem bark is used to reduce stomach acid and support improved digestion
  • Neem bark is chewed to promote healthy teeth in gums. These chew sticks have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. You can buy neem as a dental powder to help the health of your teeth and gums. You can buy the neem branch sticks to chew as the people in India do. 
  • Neem has been proven in lab research studies to boost the immune system response, increase white blood cells including the Killer-T cells, and boost antibodies and macrophages. Oil extracted from the leaves, seeds, and bark in lab tests show this oil is effective against M. tuberculosis, strep, Vibrio cholerae, Klebsiella pneumoniae, and M. pyogenes. It is given orally for Malaria patients in India.
  • Lab research shows it is effective as an antiviral agent against Vaccinia virus, Chikungemya and measles virus.
  • Anti-fungal properties show effectiveness against TrichophytonEpidermophytonMicrospor TrichosporonGeotricum and Candida.
  • Neem bark contains concentrated antioxidants such as glutathione and flavonoids such as quercetin and rutin,
  • Neem fruit is suggested for diabetics to help them lower blood sugar levels.
  • Neem has been found to be non-toxic but should not be used by women attempting to become pregnant. It is used as an anti-fertility treatment in those countries.


My own personal experience using Neem powder and Neem oil: 

I have been using Neem powder in capsules for several years to deal with Chronic Lyme Disease and skin lesions. My husband is a staph carrier and his arm will turn into a staph infection if he accidentally rips his skin. We have found it very effective against the infected skin area and to heal it quickly. With his arm, Neem powder works better than Goldenseal powder which is extremely expensive.

If I have a sore throat I drink it infused as tea using fresh leaves or about 1/4 tsp of dried powder. It is extremely bitter!!! You can add honey and ginger to the tea as well. 

I also use it in the form of a tooth powder and in the toothpaste product I use personally. For years I grew my own trees as well in both California, Nevada, and TN.  I grew them as house trees along with dwarf Moringa trees. Neem oil is the only plant pesticide I use in my garden. Do not spray on fruit or blooms since it is not good for bees. 

Neem and its antibiotic properties are little known by the Western herbalist or in herb discussions. It is an herb used in India and that region of the world.

Neem as an antibiotic is one of those herbal treasures that does not get much press.  That is a shame because there are research studies to confirm its value and usage in India for hundreds of years.  It is very well known and used there today.


Neem Tree Farms which sells trees, seeds, dry Neem leaves, chew sticks,  and other Neem products also house some links to published research studies that all of you should read. Neem is very effective against pathogens and is cheaper than herbs such as Goldenseal. I have used it now for a few years and grew my own dwarf house trees as well. I bought the original trees from Neem Farms and buy some of their health care products such as their face cream. Photo permission from Neem Tree Farms in Florida. Links below.

Here you will find various published research studies on Neem, its leaves, its bark, and oil.

Note: The FDA and AMA has not approved the statements in this article. It is for education only. This information is not meant to prescribe or diagnose any problem. Please consult your doctor before using herbs for your health problem.


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