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Learn Why The Alternative Article Directory is different from the many health and wellness websites found on holistic healing.


The Alternative Medicine Article Directory
The Alternative Medicine Article Directory



  • You will find holistic resources, research, renowned experts, and holistic doctors not easily found during your searches because of biased media sources. The biased media intent is to silence alternative medicine.


  • Many of the experts such as Dr. Mercola found in the resources here have been silenced by YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram and buried under search results to try and destroy their knowledge. If not silenced, their websites and videos are buried by Google search pages under traditional websites such as WebMD. The first entries in any search are paid ads by the big companies and entities such as the CDC.


Myrrh herb comes in caps, essential oils and extract form.
Myrrh comes in many herbal forms. The most effective is in the essential oil form.


  • It is my mission to pave the way for people to find holistic choices and learn how to improve their lives and health.


Find Holistic Health and Wellness Resources….Lyme Disease and Chronic Lyme Resources Below


Late stage Lyme Disease include Lyme Neurological symptoms in
Lyme Neurological Symptoms include brain fog, hea

#1  If you are suffering from Lyme Disease or its co-infections click on the link below to find expert knowledge and Lyme resources to help you get back your health.



#2 Learn from the experts!

Experts in Alternative medicine to lead you on your path to wellness.

These famous and esteemed doctors in this resource have spent their whole lifetime educating people about alternative medicine and now are being silenced because they stand up for their beliefs that you can be well holistically. Their sites are buried by the powers that run the largest media sources as YouTube.



#3 Research Resources to help you research alternative medicine and herbs for yourself and your health.  

Learn Herbal Medicine courses. Knowledge is Power.
Check out all the herbal medicine courses both here and in the UK and Canada.

Learn where to research your problem and find answers. These are resources where you can find double-blind studies, research papers, and herbal usage and information. Click on the blue link below.

Find The TOP Holistic Health Research Institutions Links. (alternativemedicine-womenshealth-articles.com)


#4 Herb Courses and Herb Degree programs to become an herbalist professionally or just for your own family are below:

Holistic Education, Research, And Resources Directory (alternativemedicine-womenshealth-articles.com)


Health and Wellness begins with knowledge!

Herb Supplement Quality- Choosing a high-quality supplement.
Learn what goes into a quality supplement.

Knowledge gives you the power to take back your health, and your life! Taking this knowledge in and using it for yourself is the most difficult part and that is where people find themselves very frustrated.


You have to start somewhere. It’s not easy and filled with frustration at times, but you can feel better. I say that from experience.  People need hope in the seemingly never-ending search for answers to feel better. Along with hope, they need some guidance down the difficult path to wellness. I hope to be a guide for others to find answers and a path.


This is Cathryn Freer. I am the owner of this site and an herbalist for over 35 years. I am a health and wellness coach as well.   My passion is research and finding holistic answers. I live and practice what I write about in these posts and articles about herbs and alternative medicine.

Researching alternative medicine and herbs is my passion!

I do the work you have no knowledge or time to do. I spend hours on PubMed and other research sites finding new research and answers that mainstream medicine will not tell you about. I dig out the answers that are there but mainstream medicine and media such as U-tube, FB, and mainstream news work to bury.

Cathryn Freer
Read about Cathryn Freer, the Herbladyisin



My main goal is to direct you to information and resources that will help you on your path to wellness whether it be Lyme disease or other health issues.

I have experience with fighting the battle for better health because I have Chronic Lyme disease and experienced three concussions which makes it a challenge some days.  I have been there in the fight to get someone to listen and take you seriously. I have been frustrated with going to doctors and getting nowhere. I do understand how hopeless it feels at times.  This site is to give you hope on your journey, hope to keep fighting, hope that there are answers, and hope that what you are feeling now will not be forever. 

When I first got sick with Lyme disease 6 years ago, I had lost my balance, my memory was deteriorating, and there were so many weird symptoms I thought I had cancer or Parkinson’s. I was really scared, even with my expertise in herbs and holistic medicine.

I was scared. After being diagnosed with Lyme Disease, I was relieved. I thought that it was a better diagnosis than cancer. I had no idea that Lyme is so difficult to recover from and how devastating it can be mentally and physically.  It has taken me 4 years to recover enough to write again and live a somewhat normal life again. Others are fighting ALS, MS, and so many other life-altering diseases.  Some of you are so tired and miserable enough to think about suicide or ending it all.  The fight is hard but don’t give up.


Finding alternative medicine and herbal articles is a frustrating journey.

There are so many articles that give different advice and much of it criticizes the use of herbs, vitamins, and herbal remedies. there are no easy answers. Each path is different and requires a different program. At this point, you have found that your answers are not in standard medicine with antibiotics, medicine with side effects, chemo, and radiation. There are other answers but the internet will not let you find them easily. They are buried after pages of paid ads and searches.

In your search for health, it is always the articles written by the same main sources such as the CDC or Web MD  shown first in your searches. They pay for their point of view and information to be in the first few search results.

redo  That is because it is written and produced by sources such as Web MD whose main intent is to scare you and direct you back to standard medicine, antibiotics, chemo, and radiation.??????redo

They will tell you that alternative medicine has not been tested or verified as effective. That is not true.