Babesiosis Tick Disease Co-Infection on The Rise?

Why is Babesiosis, one of the many tick-co-infections on the rise?  Babesiosis is caused by protozoal parasite, Babisia microti or its cousins. It is not a bacterial infection like the other Lyme co-infections. Malaria is also a protozoal parasite and there are similar symptoms.  The difference is Malaria is passed through mosquitos and Lyme is by ticks.. “Babesia is most Read More

New Lyme documentary comes to video-on-demand

New Lyme documentary comes to video-on-demand A new Lyme disease documentary, I’m not crazy, I’m sick, will be released via paid video-on-demand on May 30. Reports “The project follows three families, as well as WNBA star Elena Delle Donne, battling the disease and the eye-popping costs that treatment and diagnoses impose on patients. The doc was inspired by executive producer Kim Cleworth (“Exposure”) Read More

Lyme Neuroborreliosis

Lyme Neuroborreliosis or Neurological Lyme Disease symptoms vary with each individual.  These symptoms involve the central nervous often show up weeks or even years later when you think you have beaten the disease. It is usually in the second or third stage that the patient experiences these neurological Lyme Disease Symptoms. What is going on to trigger these central nervous Read More