Herbs Of the Bible, Faith, and Prayer

It’s 2024, and the world seems in constant upheaval. I am introducing a new series of blogs on herbs of the bible, faith, prayer, and being an empath. Once a week, I will be writing on faith and healing, principles of healthy living that are found in the bible. You will learn about herbs used from biblical times through today. There are many elements of healthy living spoken about in the bible including laying of the hands, and certain herbs such as Olive Leaf, Myrrh, and Frankincense!

Herbs Of the Bible, Faith, and Prayer

Learn how herbs of the bible, faith, and prayers can improve your health and outlook on life. The Seventh Day Adventists are some of the healthiest groups of people in the US. Their health principles are laid out in the bible. They live what they preach in health practices. Their daily lives are based on the bible, faith, and prayer. I am not a member of that church but I do respect their rules and values for living a healthy life with principles found in the bible. My son was born at home with a Seventh-Day Adventist doctor in attendance. My son was late, and we had a deep discussion on these religious views while going through a few hours of labor pain.

Talking about a healthy diet, herbs, and your lifestyle is not enough to have true health. That is why several years ago, I took almost two years of classes in NLP, Solution-based Based Counseling, and Mindfulness. I am a certified coach in those subjects. I took the classes as well to deal with my own past and the grief I was going through with the death of my father-in-law. I had never completely dealt with the death of my mother and those whose death was part of my caregiving years. I held it in, as many of you are doing, reading this blog. You hold your pain in, unwilling to let it go, unwilling to go on with your life and find happiness again.

Learning about herbs of the bible can help you lead a healthier life.
Herbs of the bible is historical no matter your view on the validity of all the stories found there.


In healing, total healing, you need to talk about what affects the mind, heart, and soul as well. Running and exercise help the stress of grief but it is not enough. The health of the body is affected by the health of your heart, mind, and soul. Many thousands of people are suffering inside. No one has any idea until they commit suicide. No one knows that when you see them in the store, deep down they are hurting and in heart pain. They put on brave faces and smile. They will tell you they are fine when they clearly are not.

Along with being an herbalist, I am an empath as well. As an empath, I can go into a room and feel things others do not. I feel the emotions, the anger,  the stress in the room, and the pain of others everywhere I go. I automatically scan people’s voices, body language, and eyes. I have been that way since a child. To learn more about what an empath is, visit the sites listed below at the end of this page. You may be one yourself.

As a child, I felt the pain of others including my mothers. I was drawn to people who were lonely or dying. They called out to me through their hearts. It is a gift and a very difficult one. I did not realize I was an empath until I spent several years as a caregiver. I was drawn to people in the facility with little time left. On one floor of a facility, you find people in the very last stage of dying. Almost all of them are in one stage or another of that process. I found that I was drawn often to patients who were in their last few days. Patients on that floor can live for days or months. Much of the time, it is the patients themselves who understand they are living with one foot on earth and the other moving toward death. My years as a caregiver changed my view on dying and death. As a caregiver, you experience things that cannot be explained in medical terms.

Empaths are born and it is a gift that at some point is one of the most difficult gifts to have. I know when death is coming at times. Caregiving taught me about that part of my gift.

I have lived a long time and have fought health issues since a child.  At 71, God has brought me through serious health struggles, two abusive marriages when I was very young, and tough life events.  I think it’s time to write from the heart, where there is such dissension, loneliness, stress, and grief everywhere.

Grief is an issue today, with so many people, many of them in their prime, suddenly dying. There is a need to address the effect of anger and grief on your health and your mental function.

You cannot talk about health and healing without discussing faith in God and prayer. I have seen some amazing prayers answered both in my life and with my health. One reason, I created this website instead of writing for Hub Pages, Medium, or Vocal is so I have the freedom to write whatever I want. There is no one over me, telling me that faith or God is not a subject they allow. Vocal for instance keeps religion out of their writing topics although they have a section where you can write raunchy stories.

This is my website and it is in my heart to reach out in my writing to people whose physical and mental pain is being caused by severe grief, anger, loss, and loss of hope. Feeling alone, whether you are isolated because of your pain, or you are alone physically needs to be addressed.

From 2000 to 20o8, when things were financially tough I took jobs as a caregiver. I worked for both agencies and privately for people as well. I learned so much about marriage, faith, belief in God, and healing from the many people I took care of during those years. I took care of my mother, a couple that was friends, and my father-in-law until he died. Throughout my life, God has put people into my life path, who needed my special touch and care. I always knew when he did that and that it was my calling. I never said no. At times, this meant a full-time job and being there for that person as well.

Many of the couples I took care of, had lost their spouse after being married for 40 and 50 years. These years taught me so much about how grief affects health. It also taught me how belief in God, made all the difference in the world in their ability to cope with death and illness at the end of their life. I saw it all in those years.

Faith in God also brought me through those tough years. I was struggling both physically and financially, to make it through every day. I have had years when without God, I would have given up. I did not have enough strength to get through another day without his being there for me. Off and on throughout my life, God has taken me through trials to show me that he loves me and that I am not alone. Through those years, I learned about resilience and inward strength. Success is about getting back up after you have been knocked down flat to the floor. I grew as a person and woman during these trials.

I am giving out my email address to those of you who request prayer. If you would like someone to pray for you, give me an email at herbladyisin@gmail.com. 

There are many out there, who either have no one to turn to or don’t feel at ease with those they know. I am offering that.  I am just a humble herbalist and empath with a great capacity to understand and feel what you are going through. I also have great faith in God and his power to both heal and support us during rough times in life. There is no charge. At 71, I feel that before I leave this earth, I would like to know that I helped out in this way.

I want to feel once again, that I can be there to help others in this small way. Again, send me an email to herbladyisin@gmail.com.  It may take me a few days to get back to you. I work alone with no office staff.

Herbs Of the Bible, Faith, and Prayer

The next post will be on Frankincense, a herb from the bible and one I use daily. It was given to baby Jesus by wise men. Most people think it was given to him just because it was an expensive gift in those times, but Frankincense has incredible healing properties that are proven today. Myrrh is another one that was part of the gifts from wise men.

Today I am signing off and pray you have a healthy and blessed week. 

Cathryn Freer, the Herbladyisin