Join my Lyme Support Group on MeWe

Join my Lyme Support Group on MeWe below! 


This week I began a group on MeWe for people who have Lyme or Lyme co-infections or have Chronic or late-stage Lyme. This group will be there to support each other and to learn about resources and treatments that may be unknown to some. Most Lyme patients have little support from co-workers, family, spouse, or friends. They suffer from a disease that does not show on the outside. We look fine but are far from fine. This disease may be affecting your job, your ability to parent, and your relationship with your spouse.  You go to doctors to get ignored or treated improperly or sent to a mental health doctor. There are thousands of Lyme patients whose lives are being devastated by its symptoms.

I chose MeWe instead of FB or Twitter because they are overseen by Big Brother and the powers that already control most of our media such as YouTube.  Every post is overseen by the people who run these social media groups.

The advantage of MeWe is having more freedom to post the truth and your views without censorship.  It is free unless you want to start a group yourself. 

“We are a privacy-first social network with over 20 million users worldwide and more than 600,000 interest groups that is committed to giving our users control, protecting their data, and providing a great user experience. MeWe contains no ads, no targeting, and no newsfeed manipulation. It is available on iOS, Android and desktop in more than 20 languages and over 200 countries worldwide.”

The group has just started so visit the group and join it. You won’t regret that decision. See you there in the group!