Kris Kristofferson, Famous People, and Undiagnosed Lyme Disease

This article today is about famous actors and singers whose life has been nearly destroyed by Undiagnosed Lyme Disease. It is to show that Undiagnosed Lyme disease is a critical issue in every segment of our society.  The fact that even famous people go months and years without a proper diagnosis shows how serious this problem is. These famous people who have access to the best doctors with money to pay for proper testing did not get accurate diagnoses or treatment for years.

The Tragic Failure of the AMA, IFDS and Standard Medical doctors to acknowledge, diagnose and treat Lyme Disease, Chronic Lyme, and its co-infections properly.

There is a real tragedy going on in the United States and all over the world!  A tragedy affecting many thousands of adults and children in each country. Its affecting children and their ability to be healthy and flourish.  This disease is destroying the health and lives of your neighbors, your family and your quality of life.

It is tragic that the American Medical Association and Infectious Disease Society are doing such a travesty to Lyme sufferers everywhere with ignorance and failure to accept Lyme disease, Chronic Lyme disease and its co-infections as serious diseases which need to be diagnosed and treated properly. Properly is not 10 days of Doxi.  They state that Chronic Lyme disease is not a real disease. They diagnose the disease with cheap tests that miss 60 percent or more of Lyme Disease cases.  Even when the tests are positive, they tell patients they don’t have Lyme disease. This is malpractice. This is incompetence. This is their uneducated bias that affects patients lives. They ignore their patients and instead tell them they are crazy, making up symptoms or need mental health care. They write prescriptions for drugs that address depression, panic attacks, arthritis symptoms, and other diseases when the real underlying cause is undiagnosed Lyme Disease.  They are given diagnosis such as MS, fibromyalgia, ALS, CFS, Arthritis and others when the real underlying cause of the symptoms is Lyme Disease or its co-infections. This maybe YOU or someone you love or take care of.

Famous Actors whose lives have been drastically affected with Undiagnosed Chronic Lyme Disease

Kris Kristofferson’s case of undiagnosed Lyme Disease made headline news. He is a very well-known actor and is loved by his fans.  He went for years being treated for Alzheimer’s incorrectly, taking medicine that did not help and came with side effects, and seeing the mental deterioration affect his career and his life. Years later he was finally correctly diagnosed, given proper treatment, and made an amazing recovery. Even with access to the finest doctors because of his status and fame, he still went undiagnosed with Lyme Disease for years.  His case is different from the other stars below in that he was diagnosed with dementia. Lyme disease was destroyed his brain, his life, and his career and went undiagnosed for years.  His family saw their dad disappearing before their eyes and he was almost lost completely before finally getting properly diagnosed and treated.

Undiagnosed Lyme Disease from ticks and the aftermath of sickness.
Undiagnosed Lyme Disease can steal your brain function.

Undiagnosed Lyme disease affects people in all walks of life. Even the rich and famous have problems getting properly diagnosed.

Justin Berber is another star sharing his story on how chronic Lyme has impacted his singing career.  Even after he announced that he has been suffering from mono as well as Lyme, some of his fans downplayed his health struggles and how serious Lyme was affecting his ability to function normally.  This is sad and tragic. I do think that it helps the cause for stars to bring out the Lyme disease issue, the problem with diagnosis and untreated Lyme disease.


Morven-May MacCallum says her life is still “completely dominated” by Lyme disease, nine years on from starting treatment.  This woman was in Scotland and sick for years. Doctors there are ignorant or defiant on the undiagnosed Lyme Disease issue. She ended up going to England to a private clinic to get diagnosed.   She is still suffering in her life.  Australia is another country whose doctors fail to diagnose both early Lyme and states chronic Lyme does not exist. This is totally medical incompetence and a danger to patients.


Ben Stiller a well known actor incured debilitating knee pain and other symtpoms. Diagnosed and treated as if it was arthritis when the underlying cause of his knee pain was Lyme disease.  It does not say how many years he suffered before he got correctly diagnosed and treated but he went to a few doctors in both LA and New York in his Lyme journey.


Amy Schumer is a famous comedian. Like her or hate her, no one should suffer with undiagnosed Lyme disease. It affected her life for years until diagnosed in 2020.  She is one of thousands who may have it but go undiagnosed and suffer.


Avril Lavigne became bedridden with undiagnosed Lyme disease for  two years that nearly destroyed her life and career. This was the reason she recorded the emotional song Head Above Water.


Shania Twain suffered for decades with undiagnosed Lyme Disease. It attacked her vocal cords  along with other symptoms and nearly destroyed her singing career. Her singing voice is permanently altered but she is singing again.  

Yolanda Hadid is well known as an actress in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  She suffered for a long period of time with symptoms before she was properly diagnosed. It affected her acting career.  She has been spreading the word about how devastating Lyme disease is to your life and career.

Undiagnosed Lyme Disease is destroying lives, families and marriages.

How many nursing home residents with dementia have underlying Lyme Disease?

How many seniors with dementia are really undiagnosed Lyme Disease victims.
Undiagnosed Lyme disease effects many thousands

How many thousands are in nursing homes and wasting their lives and memory away from undiagnosed Lyme Disease and its Co-infections?  Most of us who are seniors grew up in an era when tick bites were just a bug bite. They were given no treatment other than superficial to stop the itch.  No one worried about them.  How many of us who are seniors have memory problems with an underlying longstanding Lyme infection?  I would dare say that if each patient being treated for dementia were given proper testing for Lyme disease and its co-infections, you would have many less patients in nursing home with mental impairment.  How many lives would be reclaimed if Lyme Disease treatment, the proper tests, were covered by insurance?  The ignorance around Lyme disease is tragic and unacceptable with the current knowledge that is available.  The stance of the CDC and Infectious Disease Specialists that Chronic Lyme is not a valid disease are condemnable.  Their stance that Chronic Lyme Disease is rare or not a valid disease is destroying lives and brains.  

Research and autopsies are proving that some people who have died with dementia symptoms had Lyme Disease present in both their brain and spinal fluid. These patients were originally treated for Lyme with antibiotics was later on developed severe dementia symptoms including Lewy body Dementia.  There needs to be standard testing for anyone developing Alzheimer’s or any dementia symptoms to rule out Lyme with proper testing that is available now. If you have a loved one who is experiencing increasing dementia, take them to a LLD who can test them for Lyme Disease. There are new tests by Igenex Labs that do show up chronic Lyme disease with more accuracy.  They are one of the best labs to get testing on a family member who may have had the disease for years.  There are some excellent Lyme literate doctors but most of your average doctors are not. Further more they only order cheap testing such as the Elisa which your insurance will pay for. The Elisa test misses 60 percent or more of Lyme cases. It may cost you 1500 to get the tests from Igenix but undiagnosed Lyme disease can destroy your career, your life, your marriage and your brain function. They are finding many MS patients have been misdiagnosed for years. They have undiagnosed Lyme disease not MS. It this you?

References to more information including links to Igenex and Vibrant labs for the most accurate tick testing.

Again the tests such as Elisa and Western Blog are very inaccurate missing 60 per cent of Lyme cases. If you have Chronic Lyme Disease, you will need different tests which are only offered through labs such as Igenex and Vibrant. Chronic Lyme disease is extremely difficult to diagnose. The money it costs for the proper testing may save your life and brain function.