We Are NOT Lyme Disease!


We are NOT Lyme Disease! You can Overcome its Impact on your health!

For many of us who have Chronic Lyme Disease, this multisystem disease takes over so many aspects of our life that we begin to forget who we are.

You cannot overcome Lyme Disease until you change your inner language, the voice that sits on your shoulder and say’s you will never be well.

We are not the label of Lyme Disease.
We need to start thinking that we can be healthy again despite Lyme disease.

The voice that says give up when trying to find a professional who will listen and treat your Chronic Lyme Disease properly.

The hopelessness that creeps into our mind after months or years of trying to get proper treatment.

We are not a label, any label including Lyme Disease.

The Lyme Disease Label confines us to a box that has limits and keeps us from living our life fully.

We are mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons.  We have various jobs and gifts from God.

We have hobbies and things we love to do. We are children of God

We live our lives and pay our bills to the best of our ability.

We may have Chronic Lyme which impacts these areas of our lives but we should not put that first.

Lyme disease is a health problem we must work with but it is not US. It is an aspect of us individually.

We need to get away from the label which is negative and limiting.

Whatever we put our thought and focus on is what we become.

If we give up and say we will never be well, that will be the outcome.

It is easy with Lyme to give up. That is self-fulfilling.

We need to put our thoughts and self-talk into becoming well on all levels.

This involves our mind, heart, and physical as well.

This means working on our thoughts, what we eat, getting toxins out of our lifestyle, and working one step at a time on every aspect of our life.

Cathryn Freer
I am an herbalist, a writer, a researcher, a blogger, mom, wife, and I do have Chronic Lyme. I do have a fulfilling life despite Lyme Disease.

I repeat this again!  We are not Lyme disease.

We are NOT Lyme Disease! What are steps to overcoming Chronic Lyme Disease?


To get well from any health challenge including Lyme is to begin step by step working on the different aspects of your health. This is an individual path for each person. 

You must be willing to give this journey your full commitment and know it can take months to several years if you have had Lyme for years undiagnosed.

Find a coach to give you support while you go through these steps.

Read Dr. Rawls Book, Overcoming Lyme Disease. He does still see patients and he has two or three staff that you can get an appointment with as well. He is one of the experts in the Lyme Disease journey.

Unlocking Lyme Disease by Dr. Rawls
We are not the label, Chronic Lyme Disease.

Another great expert is Dr. Nicola, a Neuropathic Doctor who wrote the book, Lyme Brain.  It will help you to understand how and why your brain does not seem to be reacting normally any more and what to do about it.

  • To get your life back from Lyme, it must start in your thinking, your attitude, and doing one little step at a time to work on building up your health and immune system. Getting well from Lyme is not a marathon but a path we take one step at a time. 


  • We do need to get testing and treatment for the Lyme or co-infections.  We need to know what health disfunction we are working with.  If you have no money for the testing which is expensive, there are some herbal protocols you can try. Antibiotics are not the only way to address Lyme disease and its co-infections.

Visit my page below on 

Lyme Disease /Lyme Brain/Chronic Lyme Resources


  • There are many things that cost nothing such as giving up sugar, soft drinks, smoking, chewing tobacco, watching TV for hours, and having no form of exercise. 
  • There are foods that you are eating that cause inflammation such as gluten. There are foods that for you cause gut issues and pain. 
  • There are herbs that can give you your life and health back. Antibiotics is not the only protocol to overcome Lyme Disease and Chronic Lyme.
  • Change your focus from I am sick to being thankful and grateful for every little blessing in your day and life. 
  • Focus on the one thing you got done, not the 8 things you did not get to. 
  • Give yourself credit for every positive step, no matter how small. 
  • Look in the mirror and tell yourself, ‘ I will beat this!”

I went from leaving the stove on with horrible brain dysfunction to writing again. My husband and I walk our dogs twice a day a mile.

It is a struggle at 71 some days but when I remember 3 years ago when I was the sickest I had ever been in my life, I am so thankful.

10 Ways to Cultivate a Positive Mindset and Change Your Life


Health after Lyme or any other disease is one step at a time forward.

Just remember we are not Lyme disease.

It is just one aspect our our life and health that we can overcome!