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Moringa Company Reviews, Articles, and Education

If you are looking for general growing instructions, seed germination, and general Moringa information read the articles in the General Moringa Articles section. Those articles are free. This section is for people searching for how to buy Moringa safely and contains business reviews and importing articles. If you have a question about the safety of buying Moringa, this is the section to read.

My name is Kate Freer, writer and medical researcher. I have been an herbalist for 35 years. In years past my focus was health consulting. My focus now is education on the alternative health field as a whole but with special emphasis on Moringa Oleifera.

There is so much hype and misleading information. We did sell high quality Moringa products up until recently. We suffered from the mistakes made from our inexperience. Recently, the decision was made to stop selling products and instead focus on education and helping consumers make more informed buying choices. I wanted my writing and articles to have no conflict of interest. We are not receiving any kind of revenue from the companies listed in the reviews. They did not pay to get into the review section. No sales or commissions are received in any way from the sale of Moringa products or just listing their profiles. If a company review is not in there, it does not mean their products are unsafe. It means that company has not been reviewed yet. Companies that refused to give information for profiles will be stated that way.

Don't You want to know the truth about the Moringa Companies and their products? Do you have questions that these sites do not answer? What country was the Moringa grown in? Was the product you are buying tested for contamination? They questions are answered very generally or not at all by most websites. Many of these sites are offering adulterated Moringa products that may contain insects, dirt, filth, mouse parts, and heavy metals such as lead. Some of the sites state their products are organic but if you ask for their certificate proof, they don't provide it. That organic certificate may or may not be real. What you don't know about the organic certificate process may shock you. The bottom line is you may be buying unsafe-unfit products for consumption, taking these unsafe products while pregnant or nursing, and giving it to your infants.

You will find answers in this section. This Section is FREE to access now.

There will be a small fee for this section at the end of October which pays for the work I am doing to give you the truth and information to make more informed buying decisions on the Moringa products you are purchasing now .
Take time to investigate the company and its products BEFORE you take out your credit card. If you are considering importing Moringa and going into the business, you should read the articles in this section before you make the mistakes we did years ago. The reviews will be published within two months and up on the site.

This section is free until the business reviews are published.

What This Section Contains-

This section contains reviews on Moringa Companies and their products, education articles, articles on the problems of importing Moringa, importing problems, about organic certificates and what they mean, safety issues to be addressed when buying Moringa products.
This section is free for viewing in the initial stages until I have the reviews published. It is taking intensive time to get in touch with these companies, get them to respond, then compile the answers into the reviews.

Moringa Reviews are copyright protected by Moringa and Healing Herbs 2016 with all rights protected including images, business profiles, articles, and education.

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